Sunday, June 26, 2016

One Year Mark (5/2/2016)

What in the world?? 
How have I already been out for a YEAR???
I'm pretty sure that is not even possible... Yet, here I am. 
There have been lots of hard times... But the most important thing is that there have been lots of good times as well!
I am so grateful to be a Disciple of Christ in Gilbert Arizona. I have served alongside some of the strongest, brightest, sweetest sisters. 
I have been a part of 13 convert baptisms.
-- {Jennifer and Clint Eason, Bobby Hanson, Owen Campbell, Riley Boatwright, Julia and Caity Cook, Shannon and Mckenzee Thomas, Emily Baker, Paul and Roxanne Travis, and Gabriel Lyons.} -- 
These people have become my family. I love them so much! 
I am so grateful for the experience that I have gained thus far and hope and pray that I will continually have experiences to stretch me and help me grow! 

Well, this week was pretty awesome. I'll work backwards starting with today...
Monday: I wish I could send you the video, but basically, someone built a "human hamster wheel" type thing. And we definitely did that as our P-day zone activity. We all just rode it so many times. It was super fun. Then we went out to eat at Five Guys. yum. 
Sunday: The Higley stake (the stake I’m serving in) had a Stake Conference and Bishop Davies of the Presiding Bishopric came down to speak. So we got to go to the Adult session on Saturday night, and then the youth session on Sunday morning (we had investigators there for both sessions!) we got to shake his hand and President Lesuer's hand. (He is the Gilbert temple president.) Also President and Sister Nattress spoke at the main session and they are always adorable. Love them. Friday: my year mark day. Just the norm. Planned for week 3. We are going on 2 exchanges this week. That's going to be crazy. 
Thursday: I had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) that was good. I always walk away from those feeling inspired, motivated and loved. Also took some of our investigators to the welcome center and soft committed them to baptism! 
Wednesday: I was on exchanges with Sister Taylor (you might remember that I lived with her in Ironwood for a while) in her area. That was super fun. We crushed it.
Tuesday: The norm. Saw some cool miracles. 
Monday: pretty normal p-day. 

 Well, that’s all folks. Have a blessed day. I love you all to the moon and back! 

Sister Haymond
She had her shirt on inside out for half the day and didn't know it!

Sister Haymond and Sister Anderson 

Human Hamster wheel

P-Day fun

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