Sunday, August 30, 2015

Days of Miracles and days that stink!

AKA opposition in all things.
Well Hello! 
I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well! My week was pretty good. Let’s see...

Tuesday was interesting. Tuesday is our "Fun" meeting day and district meeting day. So we are getting ready to leave and I go to start the car... and it’s completely dead. The battery was shot. So we got a ride with Sister Hutchinson and Sister Gasu (Nahsu) and then our awesome ZL's came and jumped it for us so that we could take it in to get it fixed. We were up in gilbert for probably like 2.5 hours. It was awesome. Ha-ha! 

Wednesday was our day of miracles. We started our day out with service and that was way fun! We got to pull tumbleweeds out of someone’s field and everyone got eaten alive by the ants. Then later in the afternoon we had FHA with the zone and that is basically a FHE with our zone and a senior couple. We eat and play games and have a thought it’s really awesome. Elder Mckinzey explained it like a bow string, where if it’s always tight then it loses its spring so we have to relax and take a step back every once in a while and I needed that. I was getting a bit stressed. Ha-ha!  but after that was over, our ride was late, and the other sisters were riding with us and they had a lesson so they were pretty worried, but it worked out well for us cause we were going to go see a few different families and one after another, the lord kept making them appear in our path right on time! Right as we were walking up to the door or whatever but we got to have 4 recent convert/less active lessons that day. It was sweet! 

Thursday was doing good. Going strong. We had service again, this time at 6am and boy those mosquitos, man...they are killer...

​Talk about itchy legs!!! Ha-ha I was smothering them with lavender all week and finally today they have calmed down a bit.  It looks like I have a disease! Scary! Ha-ha! But that night we had a lesson with bobby and we put him on a tentative date for baptism for September 18th! How cool! but afterwards we found out from his wife Kellie that it will most likely not happen on that date cause he just felt pressured and was just blurting out a date so that was our bad...:/ we are both just so new to this and we are trying to find a balance of being bold and loving and I guess we were just a bit too bold with him... that’s okay though! We learn from our mistakes sometimes!  Now we can do better next time. 

Friday, was the norm. Just weekly planning and our zone lunch. we played "zoom" and "What’s in your milk" that one is my favorite cause whatever you answer with, that is your answer to ever question until you laugh and then you lose. So if I got asked what’s in my milk? And I answered a chair, then any other question I was asked would have to be answered with a chair. Until I laughed. So it’s really fun. We also played signs and that game is always fun! That night, we had dinner with the Morales family and we had both been feeling strongly about dropping them. So we dropped them and they were totally cool with it. It had happened before cause they have been taught all the lessons and are just not willing to progress at all (Well Martha is but she needs a new job schedule to be able to come to church consistently) but now we aren't going to go back over for about 4 weeks and we will just let them experience the absence of the spirit. It’s all on their time. We have done all we can and all we can do is invite people. And they weren't accepting the invitations. So... it happens. It’s good for them and for us because we know that the lord is preparing the elect for us and that if we stop wasting our time with the un-elect, we will be able to find them that are ready to receive the restored gospel. They are still great people they just aren't ready to accept it and that’s okay. Everyone has their agency.

On Saturday, we had "Zone sports" and zone sports are where we get together as a zone and play ultimate Frisbee or something for our morning exercise. It was way fun but so hot!!! You would think it would cool down at night... Nope. You thought wrong. This is Arizona and it never gets bellow 95 in the summer. Awesome. But really it was fun. Then we were supposed to have service with helping someone move in and that kept getting pushed back and back so we never went because we had our own service that night... I don’t even think I put on a skirt till about 3pm...  it was a no good very horrible bad day. But that’s okay because repentance is real. that night, after our apostate service project...we felt prompted to stop by bobby and kellies so we did and no answer... so we start to walk away and we see light in the back... and talking... so being the awkward missionaries that we are,... we totally went and knocked on their fence!!! SOLID. turns out he was tearing up concrete in the back and we got to talk with Kellie  and find out why bobby was acting weird after the lesson... then we found out all the stuff I told you... so that was cool. 
Sunday, we both got roped into speaking in the Pecan creek 1st ward and I spoke on faith while sister Hendrick spoke on fear. It was solid. Super good. I could only bring myself to speak for 10 minutes but thank goodness for intermediate hymns right??? Hahaha! But Torrence one of the recent converts in that ward liked them and he is going to be getting his priesthood this next Sunday!!! Please pray for him and that he will have strength to overcome his temptations and the devil! 
Well that was my crazy week... I’ll just leave you with my testimony because that is my "Zen".

 I know this church is true. I know that Christ lives. I know that he is coming again and I know that he loves each and every one of you. I know that if we live the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will be blessed in our lives. I know that if we fast and pray oft, we will wax stronger and stronger and firmer and firmer in the faith. I know that God is our Heavenly Father and that he has a plan for each of us. I know that everything that happens, happens for a reason. Whether that be to help us learn a lesson or for us to become stronger or to humble us, whatever it may be... I know that prayer is so powerful. I wasn’t saying regular prayers before my mission and now, at every opportunity we have, we pray and thank the lord for letting us serve him and to give us strength to carry on his work. I know that this work will move forward weather we do it or not... But it is his work and I am honored to do it. I know that my redeemer lives! I know that the atonement is so real. Even for our little baby mistakes and even for the bigger mistakes. We can be forgiven. We can be made better. I know that we are an eternal family and that families can really be together forever. What a blessing. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I love you all so much and miss your sweet smiles! I am sending you my prayers and my love constantly
You know you are a missionary when you, can’t wait for Monday! (/Pay!) :) 
Scripture for the week: Ether 12 (FAITH!)
Sister Anna Haymond

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

It was a little hectic, there was a lot going on!

Training is going good. And we do get along really well. The work is going good :) we are really emphasizing building member trust (which can be hard at times) and we are going to start working with the youth to get them excited about missionary work. We are just both so new to the area that a lot of change is happening and it’s cool. I feel like I will be here at least another transfer and train sis Hendrick in the area and then I will go :) but really I will go wherever the lord needs me and I feel the same. I know that I wouldn’t be happier any other place. Even Hawaii ;) but It will be good since we are both very new to the area we have a goal of meeting one member family a day. Last night we saw a miracle. we were tracting a street in our Creekside ward and we knocked on this members door who we had sat by in relief society and so we were talking and getting to know her and she asked where we were from and she freaked out and asked if I knew the Cunningham’s (I went to school with them) so I said yes and she showed me pictures and I totally knew them!! It was really cool to make that connection! Then I felt prompted to share my favorite scripture with her which right now is 3 Nephi 11:14 and after I bore testimony, she just smiled and said, thank you... thank you, I really needed that. So we definitely built a friendship with her. :) It was just really cool :)
And I will give you the down low on all the investigators in like 5 seconds. 

But I really do feel like a mission has changed/upgraded me. I really have seen how the atonement can apply to ever little situation. I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have if I hadn’t come on a mission. I am grateful every day that I have the opportunity to serve the lord and to bring souls to him. Even though the work is slow sometimes and even though it can be hard, it is so worth it. The blessings that are rained down upon you guys and upon other missionaries and members, is so incredible. It really is a special privilege to witness someone changing their life to come closer to Christ. 

It’s been a little rough with having to drop some investigators and having no one to teach besides less actives.   Bobby still isn’t baptized even though he should have the weekend after we met him (he is that prepared...). Satan’s trying to put thoughts in my mind about me breaking the area and not being good enough to train... and sometimes it’s hard. I never have a thought about coming home but I am not going to lie about it being hard because we all have personal challenges and concerns and I KNOW that with the strength of the lord, I can do hard things. I know that he is the one who helps me bike out in the 117 degree heat. I know that without Christ and the enabling power of the atonement, nothing would ever get done in our area. I know that his work will go forth until it has been spread across the whole earth. I know it. I know this church is true and there is no way that I could deny that. I love The Book of Mormon. I am learning more and more each day and I don’t know if I shared this scripture with you last time or not, but Mormon 8:22 describes this perfectly. 

Okay so here is the down low on exchanges this past week....... Me and sister Stastny were supposed to go on exchanges cause she is my STL (Sister training leader) and her two other comps would have stayed in their area (my greenie area with Jennifer and Clint) and my comp would go with them.  but one of her comps got super sick and nervous and stressed about leading out the area so I got to take one of her newbie companions with me to my area. Mind you while we are exchanging, a storm is blowing in and we are exchanging in the dark, in a haboob. So that was awesome. Then we were driving home (Sister Farrer and me) and it starts POURING rain. Just buckets. So I am having a hard time seeing and we are wondering if we should pull over but everyone around us kept going so we were driving really slowly. And then we went through a light, and there was a median on our left, and a full on tree was in the road blocking it and so I have to break really fast and stop.  Cars start coming towards me and I freak out.  But they somehow figure out a way around the tree and then a guy came up to my window and asked if we were okay,  I told him that I just freaked and he let us go in front of him. So that was a miracle and eventually we made it home okay and the car wasn’t damaged.  There was really sweet lightning so that’s always good but it was a little hectic. There was a lot going on. 

NOW I can give you the down low on all our current investigators.
Morales family: Rafael, Martha, Yahir, and Aziz. Mexican family. They feed us every Friday and they have been talking with the missionaries for a while. Not really showing any progression besides Martha... so that stinks.
Bobby Hansen: wanted to be baptized from the get go. Still not baptized. They are newlyweds and are sometimes really gross in a kind of cute newlywed kind of way...: P but very nice guy. Super solid. Pray for his father in law to be able to come down and baptize him soon!!!!
Louise: our iffy investigator. She isn’t interested in joining just info. Really sweet Lutheran lady though! Always welcomes us in and gives us water. She was praying about The Book of Mormon but not reading it...?!?!?! Like what???
So we emphasized that with her. Hopefully we will get some progression from her.
Michael is a 9 year old foster kid. He calls us dr pepper and sprite because I like dr pepper and she likes sprite... I guess Sister is just not cool enough for him but he is full of sass. His foster parents are less active but are coming back! Yay! Sweetest family :) 
Christian is another 9 year old that comes from a really poor family. The mom is very inactive because her husband (a Jehovah witness) doesn’t want her coming to church :( but we are teaching him in private. He hides his Book of Mormon under the couch. It’s really cute :) he also wants to be baptized but would need his dad’s permission.
Brittany and Asia are roommates and we recently dropped Brittany because she would never let us in and our return apts. never went through. But Asia seems nice enough I hope we can get in with her :) 
Bryan is a father of 5 who is married to an inactive woman. She loves the principles of the gospel but I guess she doesn’t feel comfortable at church. We recently saw a miracle with him and sis Hendrick got him interested and curious about The Book of Mormon! We are starting to teach him :) he is really cool!
And that’s all folks! Wow... sorry that it is such a long email... I also have pictures to send! But I love you and am sending all my love your way!!!! Tell everyone I say hi!!!! I love you and miss you mommy!!!

-- With Love,
-Sister Anna Haymond

Sunday lunch break

They tried to cook an egg outside, didn't turn out so great!

These wings were on a wall in a member's house, they just had to get pictures with them!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Insanely Crazy Week!

While your guy’s week was not very busy mine was the exact opposite! I found out on Sunday night that I was staying, and then on Tuesday night P.Natty (Pres. Nattress) called both me and Sis Seyboldt and I found out I was to be second half training (the 7-12weeks). and Sis Seyboldt was going to as well! So she got transferred to a new missionary up in Gilbert and I was left to lead out the area with... SISTER HENDRICK!!! 

​(She’s wearing the purple shirt and white skirt..) I love her! She is so fun! We work and teach so well together! We both make up what the other lacks haha! I am second half training her. Which means that she did the 1-6 weeks with someone and now I am training her from 7-12 weeks. She is from upstate New York and has moved around a lot because her dad is in the army! She has one younger brother who is leaving for the Colorado Denver mission soon and she looooves Mexican food! I guess the lord is really trying to get me to like Mexican food! haha :) I am already growing to love it. She also loves everything to do with cows! So that’s awesome! She did a semester at USU and is going into Ag! Also this is a lovely selfie of us out tracting with a rainbow! 

A huge thunder storm was blowing in and it was so fun! But yes I am glad to be in the same area. It’s a little bit hard though because I have not been in the area very long and so I am really starting to get to know the roads and the ward boundaries. But the lord has really blessed me with so much strength and so much help in being able to lead out an area.  

I love that family that sent those 2 pictures above. They are actually 2 families that were related so we got a pic with all the cute kids and people just ask if they can take it! They love doing it because they just had a missionary go out to Washington DC and they get pics of him all the time! (So they return the favor:)) ! I felt so at home and it was like when we get together with cousins it was just so much fun and they are just awesome. Their brother in law was also the elder in the Saratov approach who got kidnapped!!!!! WHAT?! So that’s cool because he lives here in Arizona!
Missions really do change you. I really have seen a huge difference in my personality already and I am still finding/learning who I am... It is shaping me into someone better that I was before! I am so grateful for the many blessings of serving the lord. This really is his work and I am grateful every day to be in the place I am and serving with the wonderful people around me.
So we also experienced a HUGE storm! Maybe it just carried over and up to you guys! But it was for sure a monsoon! But that is kind of scary that you got stuck driving in it and that the girls got rained on! 

ou might be wondering about the potatoes part of this email.... this week has seriously been the week of potatoes... everyone and their dog has fed us something with potatoes and I am always just praying that I can eat it and like it so that I don’t offend them... and it works out! So that’s awesome:) 
Leading out an area is hard... I have a hard time knowing where the roads are and what ward people are in but I recently got some maps put in the back of my planner and so that helps. It just stinks because there are like 5 different parts of one road and they will stop, but then continue in another part of the subdivision! It’s so confusing! But I love the area and the people here! We are really working on building member trust because we are both so new and we are also doing a lot of finding/ knocking doors and OYM-ing people (open your mouth). It’s awesome. I love being able to just stop people and talk to them about what we believe. Like last night we stopped a couple who were Greek orthodox and I had no idea what they believed! So we talked about it for a while and it was really cool because even though they weren’t interested in our message really, they came to respect us because we respected them for what they believed. People are awesome. Sometimes I just wish she could take away their agency for a while and make them read the book of Mormon or something! XD haha no... But seriously, being a missionary is probably the best thing I have ever done with my life and I haven’t done much... I am finding and obtaining so many talents and I am learning so much about people and my companions and about life... it’s cool. 
I know that you guys love me. I had to talk in one of our wards yesterday on eternal marriage and family. It was a little awkward because I’m a missionary and I don’t really want to think about marriage just yet... but it was cool to be able to share my testimony with the people in that ward and to be able to feel the spirit testify to them through me. I love you guys so much. I know that we will be together even after this life. sometimes my worried brain will take over and I will think about like what if something tragic happens... but then the spirit calms my heart and I am reminded that the lord has a perfect plan for us and that he loves us and wants us to be happy. So I know that no matter what happens, it will be okay.
I love you! 
You know you are a sister missionary in the Arizona mission when you freak out about the rain :)
Scripture for the week: Omni 1:26

Keep smiling! Always remember your savoir.  
MTC comp at their 3 month mark

So sleepy (I can't figure out what she's laying on)

New Companion, Sister Hendrick

Big rain storm

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Transfer Calls!

I have so much to say and very little time to say it so I will try to PRIORITIZE what I say... Well...
#1.) TRANSFER CALLS CAME IN LAST NIGHT! Can you believe it’s already been another 6 weeks?! Sister Seyboldt is leaving...I am staying... We get another call on Tuesday to find out wither I am training or not. AHHHHH ... Let’s just say that I couldn’t sleep at all last night... I barely know the area but I know that the Lord has a plan... maybe the new sister coming in will be what the area needs! Who knows!   
#2.) I am so so so so so sorry for not sending pictures last week!!!!! Here is one of us at Jen and Clint’s baptism :) 

​Nathans face kills me! :):) So that was really stinkin awesome and we had a wonderful day that day. 
(Also that skirt I am wearing had the button pop off but just last night I taught myself how to sew on buttons so now it will never fall off again and I was very proud of myself:):) )
#3.) Umm this week has been good. We have seen lots of change and have seen lots of miracles. This week on Wednesday, we were on exchanges and I went with Sister Bleak in her area. We met with this lady who they go and help her clean the things she can’t clean because she is old.  So we did that and then she started to open up to us more. She had previously given them a Book of Mormon back that was her mom’s because she didn’t want it but now we were talking with her about it and about how it can bring her peace and happiness (she struggles with depression and loneliness). It so happened that I had a Book of Mormon with me and it had my testimony written in the front because we were challenged to do so by our DL (District Leader) and I had been praying about who to hand it out to and it so happens that I knew I was supposed to have taken it with me and I knew I had it just for her. God is in the little intricate details of everybody’s lives! So that was an awesome exchange, also I love sister Bleak.
Okay now I have to be done but I am going to send pictures and I really am so excited to hear everything!
Scripture for the week: Moroni 10:32 
Can’t wait to write next week with my new compadre!!! 

-MUCH lOVE Sister Anna Haymond

Riding in a car into a Haboob.

Pranked by the Elders while making copies

Sister Haymond & Sister Hutchy (one of the other sisters in her apartment) 

Missionary Selfie!