Sunday, August 9, 2015

Transfer Calls!

I have so much to say and very little time to say it so I will try to PRIORITIZE what I say... Well...
#1.) TRANSFER CALLS CAME IN LAST NIGHT! Can you believe it’s already been another 6 weeks?! Sister Seyboldt is leaving...I am staying... We get another call on Tuesday to find out wither I am training or not. AHHHHH ... Let’s just say that I couldn’t sleep at all last night... I barely know the area but I know that the Lord has a plan... maybe the new sister coming in will be what the area needs! Who knows!   
#2.) I am so so so so so sorry for not sending pictures last week!!!!! Here is one of us at Jen and Clint’s baptism :) 

​Nathans face kills me! :):) So that was really stinkin awesome and we had a wonderful day that day. 
(Also that skirt I am wearing had the button pop off but just last night I taught myself how to sew on buttons so now it will never fall off again and I was very proud of myself:):) )
#3.) Umm this week has been good. We have seen lots of change and have seen lots of miracles. This week on Wednesday, we were on exchanges and I went with Sister Bleak in her area. We met with this lady who they go and help her clean the things she can’t clean because she is old.  So we did that and then she started to open up to us more. She had previously given them a Book of Mormon back that was her mom’s because she didn’t want it but now we were talking with her about it and about how it can bring her peace and happiness (she struggles with depression and loneliness). It so happened that I had a Book of Mormon with me and it had my testimony written in the front because we were challenged to do so by our DL (District Leader) and I had been praying about who to hand it out to and it so happens that I knew I was supposed to have taken it with me and I knew I had it just for her. God is in the little intricate details of everybody’s lives! So that was an awesome exchange, also I love sister Bleak.
Okay now I have to be done but I am going to send pictures and I really am so excited to hear everything!
Scripture for the week: Moroni 10:32 
Can’t wait to write next week with my new compadre!!! 

-MUCH lOVE Sister Anna Haymond

Riding in a car into a Haboob.

Pranked by the Elders while making copies

Sister Haymond & Sister Hutchy (one of the other sisters in her apartment) 

Missionary Selfie!

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