Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All of the fun things happening...

Dear Haymond Family,

     This transfer has been really crazy and I am going to have to write a super long letter to explain everything that I want to but today is not that day! It is super crazy as well that it has almost been 3 months! I cannot believe how fast time flies! 

     Okay so the picture with the bird was funny cause we were stopping by our ward mission leaders house (yes it was pretty late...) and they had their German shepherd out and they had their parrot out! We didn't even notice until they said something! So we had to get a pic with it :) I am in the Queen Creek east stake (sorry I didn't clarify that sooner!) and I cover three wards but the ward where the Burila’s friend is, they probably have Sister Dexter and Hutchinson who live with us! If you got their name I could ask them! 
And I can’t believe that school starts in 3 weeks! The kids here are already starting to go back to school! How weird...  
     My week over all was okay. Not one of the best weeks. Although yesterday was pretty awesome cause we met a lot of people and got to teach a lot of them. This week we got 3 new investigators! THREE! It was right after we had started to fast and pray for more too! Talk about a miracle! 
     I also received a priesthood blessing on Friday from one of my ZL's Elder Brewer. I will tell you later why I got one, but I know that my Heavenly Father lives and that he loves me. I know that he can speak to me through his servants. I know that the Power of the Priesthood is real. Miracles still do happen today and as long as we are striving to live worthily and striving to look for those miracles, they are all around us. So next week, in the email, I want to hear a miracle from each of you that happened this week. It doesn't have to be huge! A miracle is just something that you can see that come from God! :) Always be looking for those.  
     Today we went to top golf again as a zone and had even more fun! Someone bought us little snacks and it is just so fun to be able to relax and have fun once a week. It is hard though because we can’t listen to the music of the world, and so when a song comes on that I used to like, I either a.) Try to tune it out or b.) Hum it to myself and do a little foot tap to the beat. But then there are those songs that come on where it makes everyone uncomfortable and you can tell the change in the spirit. For example,, some of us sisters went in to Forever 21 and I wasn't finding anything I liked and neither was Sister Prince, another sister in my zone and so we went out because they were playing inappropriate music and we just had a bad feeling. So we went over to Claire’s and that wasn't much better. So we sat on a bench outside... anyways... it is just important that you listen to good, wholesome, uplifting music because it totally has an effect on your mood and attitude. I know it does on me! 
     Another thing that happened this week was Jennifer and Clint’s baptism! Holy cow! It was absolutely amazing! Jennifer gave me a little gift and it was from Deseret book and I forgot what it says but it’s about missionary work and a promise from elder Holland. I put it in my study area because I love it so much! She told me that she was so grateful for me leaving my family so that theirs could be together forever :) I cried. haha! But really the family is so important and I cannot even express to you all how much I love you. Ellie, Tyler, Kate, mom and dad... You are all wonderful human beings who have shaped me into who I am today. Thank you for all of your love and support! I don't know what I would do without you!
     Okay so here is the You Know You're a Sister Missionary When.... you hate shopping because nothing is ever modest enough. :) 
     Scripture for the week: 2 Nephi 26:33
     A cool quote for you: "Humility, faith and the influence of the Holy Ghost will always be elements of every quest for truth." -unknown
     I love each of you so much and hope you are all happy healthy and safe.

-Love, Sister Anna Haymond

Anna didn't send home any pictures this week but we did get some pictures during the week from some of the ward members.  Here they are...

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