Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Sisters of Zion


First off- I don't know my new address :C Sad I know... I will figure it out soon enough... and thank you for being so awesome and good about packages... I love it and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! 
Second- look for pictures on the mission blog of our mission anniversary that happened today!!! 
Third- MY NEW COMPANION! Drum roll please!!! SISTER SEYBOLDT! (Like the sea and a bolt) We are in the Ironhood zone (technically Ironwood). We cover Pecan Creek 1st and 2nd ward and Creek side ward. It’s pretty awesome cause we just bike all the day long. We also put an ENTIRE FAMILY ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED! They had been working with them for a long time and we finally got them on date for the 25th of July! How awesome! They are so cool, I just love them. They feed us yummy treats like plantains and mangoes.  

So Sister Seyboldt is from Sandy Utah and is a cute little blond girl that is the definition of chill. She is still obedient, but we are super chill and she is just so real with everyone. She loves the people and she works hard. The other night we had a heart to heart and just had a really good chat about life in the mission and there may have been some tears of joy shed. Anyways, moral of the story, I love her and we have seen miracle after miracle in this new area! It’s amazing how different companionship work together so good in specific areas and it’s amazing to see what the Lord has in store for us and why we were meant to be in that area. MISSIONARY WORK IS AWESOME!
Okay, so I love those words to that song! its amazing and so beautiful and I think we sung it in the MTC :) So cool!

               [Side note: I sent Anna the words to the “new” As Sister’s in Zion song. It’s called The Sisters of Zion and it’s all about Sister Missionaries!  It’s awesome! Here is a link to the new lyrics if you'd like to see them.]

So yes my Cyst is doing fine. They said it was fine and that I can just wrap it at night (they gave me a wrap) and that that should help but there is nothing really they can do with it. It will be okay and it really doesn't hurt often :)

I love you guys so much and just want to apologize for todays email because there will be no awesome pictures... I forgot the cord to plug in my camera at our house so... look forward to that next week! I AM SORRY!!
Well I am running out of time. I will tell you all about my first Huboob (Dust storm) next week when I can actually send you the pictures of it:) its super sweet! 
The church is true and missionary work without the members would be impossible! So reach out to your nonmember friends and invite them to something!

You know you are a missionary when... you forget your name tag to email your family and you feel naked without it... DX  
Have a fabulous day my familia!!!


-Sister Anna Haymond:)

Anna didn't send pictures this week but I did find these on the Gilbert AZ mission blog!
Getting picked up from the airport

All the new missionaries

Sister Haymond with the Mission President & his Wife

So excited about her new bike!

Gilbert AZ Missionaries! (she's in there, look hard!)

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