Wednesday, June 24, 2015


can you please send more pictures??? I really want/need pictures, but i loved the whale post card from sea world! it was so funny and cute! 
and actually transfers are this Wednesday... transfer calls came last night... I am being transferred... which is pretty uncommon for someone who just got here... so this will be an adventure... 
I am sad that Sister Stastny wont be able to second half train me, but I know that the Lord has a plan for me and wherever I am needed, I will go. I know that this place is awesome, but now maybe someone somewhere else needs me... :) 
Jennifer and Clint are doing awesome! we are almost done teaching them but because I am being transferred I wont be in the area for their baptism but i might be able to come back... We actually had a miracle lesson with them just this past week. so Clint was out of town and we had a lesson planned with Jennifer for Friday night, and like 10 minutes before the lesson, she texted us saying that Clint would be joining us! before hand, we didn't know what to share with her cause we didn't want to leave clit behind, and when we got that text we knew we had to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ! "Miracles"!! (Zone joke) and I just love them. we are teaching them tonight also so that I can teach them one last time before i go... when we got our transfer calls, I had had a feeling that i was being transferred but i kept pushing it out of my mind because it wasn't very likely, and they came at like 11pm and so when we got them, sister stastny started crying and I was just so tired that It didn't really hit me till this morning and we are both super sad :( but we know the lord has different plans for us. :) 
umm... also Sylvia the cyst is back and the mission nurse is sending me to the doctor on Friday... :P boo. 
oh well. 
I love you so much and just want to remind you to always always always say your prayers and read the scriptures!!!! Let the kids see your example, they will want to follow it! I love you mom! Also look up the Song: She Put the Music in Me, by calee Reed. Its for YOU! :)
Miracles are everywhere! 
I love you! 
Be happy! 
magnify your calling! 
you are loved! 
Love you! 
-Sister Haymond:)
Sad about transfers!

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