Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Follow the Prophet

I am doing well! its really quite warm... Our P-day was really fun! and today we did a "sunrise" hike. (the sun had already risen) but we hikes the San Tan "mountains" and it was pretty sweet. we then proceeded to hit golf balls off the top!!! 
Jennifer and Clint are doing very well! she came to church in her home ward with Nathan
(Clint is out of town) and she was welcomed in with open arms! But I truly think their son was taken away so that they could be introduced to the church. It happened for a reason and now look where they are... On the path to an eternal marriage! HOW EXCITING! I just love them!!!! anyways... we dont really have any new investigators but we have an Eternigator ... and eternal investigator... ugh. Jerry is .. well hes awesome and we have taught him most of the lessons but he just doesnt do anything!!! It goes to show that if you don't act on your faith, your wont progress! 
When we go tracting, we pray to know where to go. and sometimes we have no idea, sometimes we know exactly where we need to be. and one night earlier in the transfer, we were praying and it was kinda dark and late (it gets dark pretty early here.) and we found ourselves on this random road. we get out and start walking towards this woman walking her dogs. Her name is Sheryl and is the sweetest old lady that I had meet thus far. She was really interested in the church and we got her phone number and address and are hopefully going to start teaching her soon. shes been pretty busy with work and family, but eventually, we should be able to teach her.
We also learned about prophets this week in church and we specifically discussed the same thing. Following the current prophet even if you dont know why hes asked us to do something (ie, 2 sets of earrings) we still follow it because it is what the Lord has revealed to him in this day and age and for us. I love it. I love President Thomas S Monson and I hope we can all follow the prophet a little better. I am so grateful that we do have a current prophet and that he is able to guide and lead us. I know He was called of God!! 
I love you so much and am so grateful for all you do!! be safe! be happy! 
-Sister Anna Haymond
San Tan Mountain Hike

It was so hot in the car, Captain Moroni fell over

View from the hike

Another view from the hike

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