Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 1st- two for one

Sorry it's taken me a week to post last weeks letters.  We were out of town in San Diego and i just didn't have any time! So here they are now...

I bet San Diego is fun even if it is a bit chilly. Maybe I will send you some of our warm weather. (Seriously its been like over a hundred...) Tracting in the heat is way hot and sweaty. But we stay hydrated and people take pity on us and let us in so its okay:) haha umm so our typical day looks something like this, 
6:30- arise, pray exercise for half an hour 
7- eat breakfast and prepare for the day
8- pray to start personal studies
9-pray to close personal studies and then we do companionship studies
10- pray to start the day and confirm plans with the Lord.
10:05ish - 12- proselyting time or appointments
1-5- more proselyting time or appointments
6-8- pros. time 
8- training hour
9-plan for next day
10- pray to end day and tell the Lord what happened.
10:30- lights out
By the way I did get your package! 
I also got a package from the Kekauoha's, Thank you!!
I will try to send more pictures with me in them... I am sorry. I just get to busy and so distracted that sometimes it doesn't even cross my mind...
Jennifer and Clint are ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED!!! Woo! they prayed about it and felt that the 25th of July would be good! I am so happy and excited for them! 
I love you so much mom and appreciate the sacrifices you are all making to make sure I am here and safe. I love you so much and hope everyone is doing well! 
I am going to start doing a, "you know your a missionary when.." moment every week and this week was you know your a missionary when you have a picture of Jesus hanging in the window of your door! :) 
Be safe in San Diego and have fun! send me pictures!!!!!
Love you tons!
Love, Sister Haymond

Okay so I still have a few more minutes so I will tell you a few miracles that I have seen and then I am going to challenge you to look for the miracles in every day. 
1. our car was being dumb and said the tire pressure in one of the tires was low. so we went to fill it up. while there, we were struggling a bit to figure it out and so a stake president just happened to pull up and get gas and he walked over and helped us get that all figured out and even payed for it! How sweet! 
2. When we fast, we aren't allowed to stop drinking water because well duh we are in 100 degree dry heat... so that's awesome
3. the members who feed us dinners and offer to feed us anytime a dinner appt. falls through. what a blessing
4. you guys doing your scripture reading and getting something out of it and growing closer together because of it. 
5. Just being able to get up at 6:30 every morning is a miracle...
So, with this lovely list of examples, I challenge you to look for the miracles in your life. They are there. Pray that you will be able to recognize them and be able to discern them. I promise you will notice them and you will see the hand of the Lord in your life. I also just want to challenge you to attend the temple more. at least once a month. the blessings of the temple are amazing and it is a form of missionary work. you are doing someones saving ordinances and they then have the opportunity to accept it or not. Missionary work didn't start here. It is something that was going on in the pre-mortal life and then after Christ died, he established it in spirit prison. I know I was a missionary then, and I am a missionary now. I love it. Its amazing to be able to share the gospel with you guys and with the people here. I am not the same person I was when I left. I am better and my testimony has grown so much. it swells within me with every breath. I am so grateful to my savior and to Heavenly Father for having a perfect plan for all of us individually. 
I love you so much and  hope and pray for you every day. 
Love Love love, Sister Haymond:):)

Cute companions!

They call this the suicide door!

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