Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exactly Obedient

Hello Everyone!
 I am so excited to tell you about this week! I just love you guys so much and I am so glad that you are seeing the blessings that reading the book of Mormon brings! It truly blesses our lives and it truly is the word of God! I love how dad was saying that it can apply to everyone! It really does!
As a companionship Sister Stastny and I have been working on being exactly obedient. It’s a goal that we are striving to work on cause our mission president believes in perfect mornings. So at 6:30 you are on your knees praying and then at 8 you are praying before you start your personal study and then at 9 again with companionship study and then we do 10 in the morning and 10 at night prayers that the whole mission is supposed to be doing and that has been awesome. So yeah it pretty amazing.
So the barn is an awesome place except for the fact that there are scorpions! We had one in a jar named Gus-Gus but he died... I drowned him on accident! They like to chill on the ceilings like spiders.  ALSO road runners are totally real! They are so funny!!! They don't fly but they look really cool and they are pretty fast.
So Jennifer and Clint are doing well (They are not on date to be baptized yet but soon!) and she hasn't been drinking coffee so that's awesome! But Clint had a cigarette and we just told him that sometimes he is going to mess up and it is going to be hard but it will all be okay because heavenly father loves him! And as long as he is praying for that strength and having faith then Heavenly Father will give it to him, and he can overcome this. I just love watching them progress and now even Jennifer is starting to try and dress modestly.  They have a friend living with them who is a nonmember as well and he sat in on the lesson this past week so that was cool.
I got a greenie blessing :) everyone gets one. One of our Zone leaders gave me mine (Elder Thomson, he was a visa waiter from Africa but he was here for longer than a year so he had to stay! (The Lord works in mysterious ways)) and I think it just helped me appreciate the priesthood more cause this was an elder who hardly knew me and yet when he gave me my blessing I felt like it was my Heavenly Father speaking through him to me just like it was with my setting apart blessing and my patriarchal blessing. So that was amazing. The priesthood power really is power from God!!! if you ever need extra strength or comfort DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR ONE!
On the 29th this week, I will be a month old!
We did ride our bikes more this week and to be honest it’s great because you can just stop and talk to all the people on the street whereas if you were in a car, you can’t just pull over and be like, hey want to talk about the Mormon Church?
Today we were shopping in Walmart and we had just finished and were going to go buy some subway when this little old man and his wife came up to us and they paid for our meal! How sweet! They said that they had served 4 missions!!! FOUR. That’s amazing. Anyways that was sweet and today I think we are also doing a zone unity thing where we go do activities and today we are going to a driving range.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! This church is true! It can bless the lives of so many people! Share it with everyone! Invite your friends to church! Invite them to activities! Most of the converts who stay active only do so because they were active in going to their church service!
Always love them into the church! That’s all you can do sometimes. Keep up on the scripture reading and I know he will continue to bless you!!! I pray for you all the time! Be safe!

Love, Sister Haymond

Gus-Gus the scorpian

 Sister Stastny, Sister Haymond's companion

Sister Haymond's desk

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