Wednesday, June 24, 2015


can you please send more pictures??? I really want/need pictures, but i loved the whale post card from sea world! it was so funny and cute! 
and actually transfers are this Wednesday... transfer calls came last night... I am being transferred... which is pretty uncommon for someone who just got here... so this will be an adventure... 
I am sad that Sister Stastny wont be able to second half train me, but I know that the Lord has a plan for me and wherever I am needed, I will go. I know that this place is awesome, but now maybe someone somewhere else needs me... :) 
Jennifer and Clint are doing awesome! we are almost done teaching them but because I am being transferred I wont be in the area for their baptism but i might be able to come back... We actually had a miracle lesson with them just this past week. so Clint was out of town and we had a lesson planned with Jennifer for Friday night, and like 10 minutes before the lesson, she texted us saying that Clint would be joining us! before hand, we didn't know what to share with her cause we didn't want to leave clit behind, and when we got that text we knew we had to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ! "Miracles"!! (Zone joke) and I just love them. we are teaching them tonight also so that I can teach them one last time before i go... when we got our transfer calls, I had had a feeling that i was being transferred but i kept pushing it out of my mind because it wasn't very likely, and they came at like 11pm and so when we got them, sister stastny started crying and I was just so tired that It didn't really hit me till this morning and we are both super sad :( but we know the lord has different plans for us. :) 
umm... also Sylvia the cyst is back and the mission nurse is sending me to the doctor on Friday... :P boo. 
oh well. 
I love you so much and just want to remind you to always always always say your prayers and read the scriptures!!!! Let the kids see your example, they will want to follow it! I love you mom! Also look up the Song: She Put the Music in Me, by calee Reed. Its for YOU! :)
Miracles are everywhere! 
I love you! 
Be happy! 
magnify your calling! 
you are loved! 
Love you! 
-Sister Haymond:)
Sad about transfers!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Follow the Prophet

I am doing well! its really quite warm... Our P-day was really fun! and today we did a "sunrise" hike. (the sun had already risen) but we hikes the San Tan "mountains" and it was pretty sweet. we then proceeded to hit golf balls off the top!!! 
Jennifer and Clint are doing very well! she came to church in her home ward with Nathan
(Clint is out of town) and she was welcomed in with open arms! But I truly think their son was taken away so that they could be introduced to the church. It happened for a reason and now look where they are... On the path to an eternal marriage! HOW EXCITING! I just love them!!!! anyways... we dont really have any new investigators but we have an Eternigator ... and eternal investigator... ugh. Jerry is .. well hes awesome and we have taught him most of the lessons but he just doesnt do anything!!! It goes to show that if you don't act on your faith, your wont progress! 
When we go tracting, we pray to know where to go. and sometimes we have no idea, sometimes we know exactly where we need to be. and one night earlier in the transfer, we were praying and it was kinda dark and late (it gets dark pretty early here.) and we found ourselves on this random road. we get out and start walking towards this woman walking her dogs. Her name is Sheryl and is the sweetest old lady that I had meet thus far. She was really interested in the church and we got her phone number and address and are hopefully going to start teaching her soon. shes been pretty busy with work and family, but eventually, we should be able to teach her.
We also learned about prophets this week in church and we specifically discussed the same thing. Following the current prophet even if you dont know why hes asked us to do something (ie, 2 sets of earrings) we still follow it because it is what the Lord has revealed to him in this day and age and for us. I love it. I love President Thomas S Monson and I hope we can all follow the prophet a little better. I am so grateful that we do have a current prophet and that he is able to guide and lead us. I know He was called of God!! 
I love you so much and am so grateful for all you do!! be safe! be happy! 
-Sister Anna Haymond
San Tan Mountain Hike

It was so hot in the car, Captain Moroni fell over

View from the hike

Another view from the hike

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jenga, Jennifer and Tires oh my!‏

So, I loved hearing about what you guys did in San Diego! How fun!!! Those were some of my best memories hanging out at the beach and going to sea world! I hope everyone had fun! 
I don't think there is anything to help with the heat but thanks! it has actually been a little cooler this week cause it rained a couple times. Nothing like a monsoon, those are later in the year, but now its just humid. 
I definitely like sacrament first too. all of our wards are that way. We go to church from like 8-5. its a lot of church, but at the same time its so nice to be able to have that day of reverence and worship like you were talking about. Its so important to remember that its the Lords day and that we need to dedicate that to him because that's what he has asked of us. Also, yesterday was fast Sunday and Jennifer was able to bring her and her son to her home ward (Yes they got him back! but now Clint is out of town..:( )!!!! It was such a blessing that it was a fast and testimony meeting because she was able to hear the testimonies of her congregation. But let me tell you the most terrifying moment for a missionary. when your investigator finally comes to church and someone gets up there and starts testifying about all this deep doctrine or about things like heavenly Mother, and you're just sitting there like, wait no they aren't to that point yet you are going to confuse her!!!!! AHHHH!! but then it was all okay:).

Jenga was sooooo funny. It was probably the most i have laughed since I've been here! Ill send some pictures of how intense it was but it was just a blast! 
Then our tire on our car was a problem... we noticed one day that it was pretty deflated and so we went to fill it up with air and the next day it lost air again so we had to take it into a shop and they put a new tire on it cause the old one had a nail in it! They didn't make us pay or anything they just said we were good to go...and so we started like walking away and we were like... is this okay?? do we need to pay?? like what is happening?? so... we just drove away. yep.

You remember Sylvia the Cyst right? Well, she is gone! Its a Christmas miracle!!!  :):) I am so happy!  (Side note: She had a pretty big ganglion cyst on the inside of her wrist. About a week before she left we had it injected with cortisone to try to shrink it.  Well, I guess it worked!)

Today when we were praying to confirm our plans, It was my turn and we have FHE with the singles ward tonight and I don't know why.. but I prayed that they would "I don't know, find people to marry or something" and we both just cracked up and I didn't even care because I feel like heavenly Father was laughing too! XD anyways...

Miracles do happen! I bear testimony to you that as long as you are living your life the way you should, you will be blessed! you will see miracles. I know that this is Christ's church. I know that he suffered and bore all of our sins according to the flesh because he loves us and also because he was being obedient to the Father. What an example! I love my Savior! I am so grateful to know that even though i have messed up in the past, it has no power over me to drag me down to that gulf of misery and endless woe. I have learned today that all you can do when people wont listen, is testify. that's how you teach them. that's all you can do. is testify that you know that it is true. and even thought they may not accept the things you say, they will not be able to doubt the truth of the things you say. Because when we testify, the spirit is able to testify to them that is it true. I love this gospel! I know it! I live it and I love it! 
Be strong my Familia!! I love you oh so much and miss you!!! Keep on reading and keep on praying. The lord answers prayers. he hears you. He knows the thoughts and intents of your heart. 
(You know you're a missionary when... You take selfies with an actual camera! XD)

U-turn light

Sad faces (not sure why)

Fun game of Jenga

June 1st- two for one

Sorry it's taken me a week to post last weeks letters.  We were out of town in San Diego and i just didn't have any time! So here they are now...

I bet San Diego is fun even if it is a bit chilly. Maybe I will send you some of our warm weather. (Seriously its been like over a hundred...) Tracting in the heat is way hot and sweaty. But we stay hydrated and people take pity on us and let us in so its okay:) haha umm so our typical day looks something like this, 
6:30- arise, pray exercise for half an hour 
7- eat breakfast and prepare for the day
8- pray to start personal studies
9-pray to close personal studies and then we do companionship studies
10- pray to start the day and confirm plans with the Lord.
10:05ish - 12- proselyting time or appointments
1-5- more proselyting time or appointments
6-8- pros. time 
8- training hour
9-plan for next day
10- pray to end day and tell the Lord what happened.
10:30- lights out
By the way I did get your package! 
I also got a package from the Kekauoha's, Thank you!!
I will try to send more pictures with me in them... I am sorry. I just get to busy and so distracted that sometimes it doesn't even cross my mind...
Jennifer and Clint are ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED!!! Woo! they prayed about it and felt that the 25th of July would be good! I am so happy and excited for them! 
I love you so much mom and appreciate the sacrifices you are all making to make sure I am here and safe. I love you so much and hope everyone is doing well! 
I am going to start doing a, "you know your a missionary when.." moment every week and this week was you know your a missionary when you have a picture of Jesus hanging in the window of your door! :) 
Be safe in San Diego and have fun! send me pictures!!!!!
Love you tons!
Love, Sister Haymond

Okay so I still have a few more minutes so I will tell you a few miracles that I have seen and then I am going to challenge you to look for the miracles in every day. 
1. our car was being dumb and said the tire pressure in one of the tires was low. so we went to fill it up. while there, we were struggling a bit to figure it out and so a stake president just happened to pull up and get gas and he walked over and helped us get that all figured out and even payed for it! How sweet! 
2. When we fast, we aren't allowed to stop drinking water because well duh we are in 100 degree dry heat... so that's awesome
3. the members who feed us dinners and offer to feed us anytime a dinner appt. falls through. what a blessing
4. you guys doing your scripture reading and getting something out of it and growing closer together because of it. 
5. Just being able to get up at 6:30 every morning is a miracle...
So, with this lovely list of examples, I challenge you to look for the miracles in your life. They are there. Pray that you will be able to recognize them and be able to discern them. I promise you will notice them and you will see the hand of the Lord in your life. I also just want to challenge you to attend the temple more. at least once a month. the blessings of the temple are amazing and it is a form of missionary work. you are doing someones saving ordinances and they then have the opportunity to accept it or not. Missionary work didn't start here. It is something that was going on in the pre-mortal life and then after Christ died, he established it in spirit prison. I know I was a missionary then, and I am a missionary now. I love it. Its amazing to be able to share the gospel with you guys and with the people here. I am not the same person I was when I left. I am better and my testimony has grown so much. it swells within me with every breath. I am so grateful to my savior and to Heavenly Father for having a perfect plan for all of us individually. 
I love you so much and  hope and pray for you every day. 
Love Love love, Sister Haymond:):)

Cute companions!

They call this the suicide door!