Friday, May 8, 2015

MTC Adventures

Hello Family!

Oh my goodness I am so excited to tell you all about how much I have grown and learned in the MTC in just one week. 
First of all, my companion is Sister Rigby from Sydney Australia! We are going to the same mission and she has the coolest accent ever!! Our district is amazing. Like just wow. Our elders are awesome and our other sister companionship is so sweet! They are Sister Olsen and Sister Sorensen! Sister O. is from Vancouver Canada and Sister S. is from Brigham city Utah. Our Elders are Elder Kennedy, Elder Bowman(our D.L. from Rexburg Idaho!) and Elder Fairbanks and Elder Alder! District = Family! We are so close just after a week of being here! I cant even believe how much we have learned from each other and how we have been humbled. Today was our first P-day and we just got back from the Provo Temple which was absolutely wonderful! Its so nice to have a break from class and from being so busy! But the spirit here in the MTC is wonderful! I thought I would miss all the worldly things like music and whatnot, but I actually haven't even thought about it at all!  
I miss you so much though! We all had a rough time leaving our families but I just want to let you know that we pray for our families every day! The Power of prayer is so powerful! I hope that you are safe and happy and healthy! 
Anyways.. how do I even begin to describe how excited I am so go out into the field! The MTC has been an amazing and humbling experience and I am excited to go out and serve the people of Gilbert Arizona and bring them the same happiness and joy that I have experienced in my life up until this point. 
This gospel is amazing and it is so true! The Lord loves each of us so much and I know that he loves me! 
Our district has had a lot of time to share thoughts and feelings with one another and someone shared how it feels like they knew us before this life and how it has helped us to grow close together in such a short time. and That was really touching to my mind and heart and  I thought, How could that not be true? how could we have not known each other and have been predestined to be here at this time with these people and having these amazing experiences together. It was some serious P.R. (Personal Revelation- thanks Elder Alder) and It just made me realize how perfect the Lord timing is and how perfect his plan for me is.
 I know that he has a plan for each of you and I know that you are loved so so much by our Father in Heaven. I have seen blessing upon blessing being poured out in my life. 
My spiritual thought for this week comes from a devotional David A Bednar did here a while ago and he say that we need to "focus OUTWARD, not INWARD". I can promise that if you don't focus on yourself and you focus on serving the Lord and his children instead of yourself, you will be blessed! Oh my gosh I love you all and I promise I will send pictures really soon! Be an instrument in the hands of the Lord! 

Love, Sister Haymond (Don't call me Anna, the church owns that name for 18 months! :P) 

PS I saw Elder Lorensen Yesterday and today! he is doing great! and my companion says hello! LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR ALL THE EMAILS!!

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