Thursday, July 9, 2015

He is Risen

Hola mi Familia!
How was the cabin?? It looked like lots of fun! My week was awesome! We saw some miracles and had a lot of good laughs! We also had to be in by 7:30 on the 4th because of all the drunks and they want us to be safe, but a part member family, (the wife is a member and we are teaching her nonmember husband) got us all sparklers! They were so sweet! We had a lot of fun with them:) Here is a picture of me and my comeniero!
​We were kind of matchy matchy in our fourth outfits haha! It was a lot of fun! (There are more pictures but I have to send them separately! :( )
So...We had a pretty fun week filled with fun activities! On Wednesday, we got to go to the temple and do a session with our whole mission. We were all broken up in different sections but it was so awesome to be with all the missionaries and just be filled with so much joy! I think they might have put pictures of us on the blog so good luck finding me! We also got to hear from an area 70's who was a mission president in Canada and knew Sister Olsen who was in the MTC with me! His name is Elder Tillman and something that I love that he said was: "Obedience is the saviors love language."  And "How close are you to the savior?" Just some food for thought...

We also started to teach Bobbie that night and Bobbie is the husband in that part member family. He practically came to us and begged to be baptized and he loves the church and knows that he is getting baptized to receive the Holy Ghost and that's what he wants and an eternal marriage and it so cool :) He is awesome!!!
Fridays are always rough cause we have weekly planning and that’s where we plan for the entire week... it takes hours... but in the end it is always worth it because the lord wants us to be prepared and wants us to be ready. So that’s awesome.
Speaking of preparedness... us as sisters in our home, (Sisters Seyboldt, Hutchinson, and Dexter) have been talking about the 2nd coming lately. How when we think He is coming, how we are going to prepare ourselves and our families... how it’s not something to be feared but something to look forward too, the signs.... and even though the world will be in total chaos, everything will be okay in the end. As long as we are righteous and love the lord, we will be okay. There are already so many signs that have come to pass and its crazy... even the court ruling on same sex marriage... I am glad you guys went over the family: a proclamation to the world. It’s crazy how much the world changes. But god is the same yesterday today and forever... Love it
I already told you a little about what happened on the fourth but it was super fun! We had a good BBQ and had lots of yummy treats! Also the sparklers haha :) it seems like you guys had a pretty busy weekend! I hope everything worked out and that you were able to have fun.
Sunday was an awesome fast Sunday and we had a really spiritual dinner message:) I love Sundays. A quote that I loved from one of my wards was a bishop and he said, "We distance ourselves from Him, he doesn't distance Himself from us." It’s so true though! If we are ever feeling far away from our savior, we need to check and see if everything in our life is in order and if we are doing all that we can to have Him with us. Also, "He loves us all equally because He loves us all infinitely."
Today we went to a place called Top Golf and we were there as a zone playing what seemed like bowling but golfing. The balls are rigged and they hit targets its super cool. Look it up. Then we went to Deseret book because why not..? And I got a cute spiral journal. Random question, how much money is on my chase card? I need to start keeping track of that..... haha!

Well! Love you all and I will send pictures right now! There’s a lot!!! I love you all so much and I love the work here. The church is true. I love the gospel. It has blessed our lives so much. We are so blessed. I love the Lord! Be safe my wonderful family! Be happy!


-Sister Anna Haymond

Mission President, his wife, MTC companion and Sister Haymond

Sister Lightheart, Sister Bryant, and Sister Haymond

Sisters in the Rain

Friday Planning

A really big bug

P-day at Top Golf

All the Sisters in the Zone at Top Golf
The family they ate dinner with on Wednesday night sent me this picture in a text.  It made my day, I need to be better at taking pictures of Missionaries when we have them over to send to their families!

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