Sunday, June 26, 2016

Transfers....Maybe? (5/30/2016)

 We don't actually have the info on transfers yet... calls were supposed to come last night but they definitely did not come and so we are still waiting but I am praying that I will stay here with Sister Anderson for at least one more transfer... If not the rest of my mission! (Which is only 5 months... can you believe it?!)  
     But anyways life has been good our area is doing really good. We saw some cool miracles this week. 
          1.) We have been trying to contact this LA (less active) family that recently moved into one of our wards and just have never been able to catch them until Thursday night we thought we would go contact this referral that lives over by them. Well that person wasn’t home and it was like 8:30 so we thought we would stop by the Edwards and as we were walking over, we saw this couple out smoking and it was them!! So we went over and introduced ourselves and figured out that it was them and they invited us in and it was pretty awkward but it was still a miracle! We set up a return appointment and everything! 
          2.) So kind of the same thing, we were stopping by a PI (potential Investigator) and he wasn’t home, and we saw that his neighbor was home and so we thought we would just stop by and meet them since it was pretty late and we knew they were home... and turns out her name was Melanie and she was a LA member and she was SUPER SWEET and invited us in and offered us some pizza and water and stuff and said she would love to have us over for dinner so we are going to start working with her and helping her come back to church! so yep that was awesome! 

     Welp... I am so happy for Maddie and Jackson! Congrats to them! I am so grateful for temples and that families can be together forever :) 

     I am so grateful to be serving the Lord for these short 18 months. I am grateful to all those who have helped me get to this point and I am especially grateful for the atonement. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that he is my Savior and that without him, we would be lost! I am grateful to know that the Book of Mormon is true and that we have a Prophet on the earth to lead and guide us. I leave you these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

     Love you all! Have a happy Memorial Day! And a good week! See miracles!  

-- xoxo
-Sister Anna Haymond

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