Sunday, June 26, 2016

#SoreForDayz (6/13/2016)

This week was good. I totally forgot you guys had trek but so did our stake so it was awesome. We got to hear about some of their experiences and how sore they were and how sore you guys must be. But the good always outweighs the bad!

On Saturday we helped this lady move that lived on the 3rd story of an apartment complex. so we had to bring all of her big heavy furniture down and there was exactly one male and like 7 females. so basically we rock but we are still so sore and stiff. 

Other than that move, not much else happened. Cierra cancelled her lesson and we went by to set up another one and now she just cancelled again but its ok she has like super legit reasons for cancelling but Satan is definitely trying so hard! she has a brain tumor so please fast and pray for her that she will be okay! 

this was the 2nd week in a row that we had a good sacrament meeting in all 3 of our wards. how is that possible? haha but anyways we had a mission farewell in one and bishop Allen (who is the gave us a shout out from the pulpit and called the ward to repentance (not really) and said that they should have us over and find people for us to teach so ya basically it was the BEST. #lovegatewaysgardensward #ourzoneisintohashtags #idkwhy 

Well, I dont know what else to say besides I love you! I am always praying for each of you! 
Heavenly Father loves you and so does Jesus!
Have a blessed week!
-Sister Anna Haymond

Not liking the heat

So close to Sister Haymond's name (Anna Marie)

Mini Zone Conference

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