Sunday, June 26, 2016

Miracles, Miracles, and more Miracles! (5/16/2016)

Hello everyone I love! 
I am gunna be pretty short today but today has been awesome. We got up at 4:45 to drive down and hike the San Tan Mountains as a zone. Let me tell you, it was amazing. I am so grateful "for the beauty of the earth." It makes me smile. Then we did our normal studies, and then we went over to sister Bussio's (bush-e-o) house because she offered to teach us how to paint with water-color. She should be sending you some pictures of us with our art! I hope you like it! It was really fun! Then we went to Goodwill to look around and we bought some cheap, fixer-upper frames for our masterpieces. 

Ok, Now I'm gunna get to the good part. We saw so many miracles this week. We were able to talk to so many people and teach so many people. One of which his name is Jim Waldo [PG-13]. Jim is a Potential Investigator and lives next door to 2 awesome active member families. We met him a while ago but we saw him last night and I don't even know how we got on the subject but we were talking about his life and the Atonement and Jesus Christ and basically that he needs Jesus. And he started talking about how he is bi-sexual and about sex and we were like ... cracking up! we were laughing so hard we were like what the heck... so anyways we read a scripture with him and prayed right there in the street. It was awesome. 
Then we had a couple miracle member present lessons. I can’t tell you all of them but just one really cool one was with Scott and Anna and we actually picked Anna up as a new investigator and are teaching them tonight at the welcome center. It gunna be awesome and we are going to commit her to baptism! woo!! 

Anyways... I love you all so much. I don't know what I would do without you. You are always in my prayers! 

-Sister Anna Haymond

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