Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pig feet stew... no thank you!

Oh mom! You are so cute and you make me so happy!
Yes I did get the package!
Yes everything fit ok but I think you may have forgotten to put an elastic waistband in one of them...?
Of course I am sharing the treats!
And yes last week was a good week. This week will be equally awesome because 1.) Thanksgiving=Good food and PIE and 2.) Owens baptism on Saturday! Yay!
We are starting to work more and more with potentials and the Cooks came to church yesterday so that was awesome! We meet with them on Tuesday night so that will be good!
The elders stopped by to pump up their tires?? That’s awesome that Tyler likes hanging around them! I wish you guys had sisters... sisters are awesomer ;)
I am staying warm not that I have a super cute sweater and cardigan! And I guess my blood has just thinned out so much from 115 all day that when it’s down to below 70 it’s chilly...
That will be really nice to go to Vegas. I bet you are excited to get out of the snow! Ha-ha
My cyst is fine. It doesn't bother me too much anymore...
Mom I love you. You are a sweetheart and a wonderful example. You’ve helped me through so much! KEEP SMILING! KEEP BEING AWESOME! (I didn't realize that was in all caps but I kind of like it so I’m gunna leave it. :)

Dad- That is a good topic to talk on. The hope of the gospel is so profound. I have seen the gospel change lives. And it is through faith and hope and I just love that the central message of everything we teach is about Christ. He gives hope. He is the light which shines in the darkness and he is the one that has paid the price for our sins, mistakes and weaknesses. Through his grace we can be saved. Through his grace we can be changed. I love that. He did so much for you and for me and for every other human on this earth weather they like it or not. It is through him that all mankind may be resurrected from a mortal, to an immortal state. Because of Him, we all will live. We all can feel the hope of his atonement as well live his gospel and accept and apply the atonement, and through faithfulness to the commandments and his teachings, we can be healed and cleansed. ... There’s my 2 cents. And don't worry about me being fed. We already have 4 families feeding us... we are going to be STUFFED. I also really love that scripture and one that I am going to start thinking about this week is 1 Nephi 18:16. Thoughts? Comments? Experiences? I want to hear more about your mission and the things you experienced as a 6 month missionary! You are an awesome bishop!

Now I can tell you about my week!
We didn't actually have too much going on this week besides exchanges and FHA. I was exchanging with Sister Koyle who is my sister training leader’s comp. My sister training leader is Sister Michaud (meshow) from Switzerland :) she’s a cutie. So I got to go be in FLORENCE! The Flo-zone! It was super cool! They literally get all of the miles. Cause it’s just farm and dirt roads. We visited a family clear out in the boonies and they said they have seen a mountain lion hanging around their house... NOPE! None of that. But Florence has like 7 prisons and I’m not even kidding. SEVEN.  It’s crazy. It reminds me of Grantsville except a bit more ghetto and really spread out...  but let me tell you all about sister Koyle! She is a sweetheart! She’s been out for as long as sister Condie and she lost her mom a month into her mission. Her mom died of injuries from a car wreck and she went home for the service and then chose to come back out. She has a lot of younger siblings and a couple older. But it was really hard on her family because her dad is a truck driver and so it’s hard for her. She talks to president a lot and occasionally goes to counseling. But she is the strongest missionary I know. I learned a lot from her.
FHA was good this week. They feed us yummy food and we got to play mafia! We had pazookies for dessert. Basically a big cookie with ice cream on it. mmm. Well... I think that is about everything besides these little tidbits I’m about to throw out,
-sister Condie and I get along really well and we hope to be together for a while :)
-my allergies are killing me. My nose and face itch so bad... is that even normal??? I don't know because I’ve never had allergies...
- At service down in Florence, the family was Mexican and fed us pig feet stew. Did I eat it? Yes. Did I like it? Mmm...nope. It’s a bit rubbery and also not bacon so... yep.
-Be NOT afraid, ONLY believe.
-keep smiling. Be believing. God loves you.
I love you!

-Sister Anna Haymond    

Another flat tire, no problem. She can fix it!

Bring the gospel to a cacti.

Chilly morning

Package day, hooray!

Cutting through the fields to save time.

Maybe that's why she keeps getting flat tires!

Their little Christmas tree decorated with name tags.

Cute companions!

I stole this picture off Facebook.  The cute girl on the right just got home from her mission in Portugal where she served with Anna's cousin.  She returned home to her ward that Anna's serving in and they'er going to go on splits together.  She's also the daughter of Bryan's cousin's wife's cousin (got that?? lol) Small world! 

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