Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone... I also can’t believe that I entered the MTC 7 months ago yesterday... I am such an oldie shmoldy to the sisters that I live with who are all like 3-4 months old... anyways... wow... what a week. Ok so we had an awesome Thanksgiving. We go to stop by a lot of people and eat some yummy food :) My favorite was the Armstrong’s pumpkin pie. mmm. It was like a melt in your mouth delicious pie. Anyways... I really enjoyed thanksgiving. But the day after was a bit rough... Sister Condie got a stomach bug and was not feeling well the next few days so we took a day to let her rest and sleep. Then she was feeling better yesterday so we go to go out and work. And it was funny because I feel like President Nattress foretold this at interviews. We were talking in my interview and he said something about how some missionaries will just get so so sick for a couple days after cause of all the food but I don't think that was it I think she got it from something or someone because we didn't even really eat a lot. Anyways... Other than that, interviews were awesome. Our week was awesome.
 Owens baptism was great and he wasn't scared at all! It just goes to show that the Lord was watching out for him and the spirit was calming him so that was good. Here is a picture!

Other than that, the cook family, who walked in and asked to be baptized are doing good and their baptism date is for the 8th of December. They are so golden it’s awesome! Well... I love you guys so so much! Sorry that this week was kind of boring... but we are doing good and we are alive! So ... that's awesome. Love you! Have a good last day of November and put that darn tree up! ;) Ha-ha! Everyone here has already had theirs up for a month! Yes we do do a Christmas concert and I am hopefully going to be singing! Also!!!! Have you guys seen the new Christmas video?? #ASaviorIsBorn ! Go look it up!!!! It’s AWESOME ! I LOVE IT! We will also find ways to serve this holiday season! I love you mom! Can’t wait to see/talk to you!
Ok... well... I love you guys. Bye... :)

-Sister Anna Haymond

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