Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Yoo Hoo! Hi family! :) 18 days till Christmas!
2015 years ago, a Savior was born. Why do you all think a Savior was born?
What does it mean to you to know that he lives? That he was born for you?
I love the new video the church put out. Have you guys seen it yet? It gives me the chills every time. Also I just love Christmas. I love that we get to share the message of Christ’s birth with everyone. It brings joy to people’s lives.
I also loved the Christmas Devotional I loved how the underlying theme was Hope. Hope and Peace. Because a Savior was born, there is hope. The world doesn't have to be dark. Yes there is darkness, but the Light of Christ can chase away that darkness and bring peace to our hearts.
Christ is the reason for our rejoicing. I also liked how L. Whitney Clayton talked about how the shepherds were sore afraid and how the angel said to "fear not." I think I would have been a bit startled too but that we should fear not, because a savior was born and he was the one to help us overcome fear and to make it so that the world was not completely full of fear... but that there is hope! There is happiness! There is reason to rejoice! :) So remember the reason for the season and remember that a savior was born for you so that you didn't have to fear. So that you would not be alone in this life. That is my testimony to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

So this week was awesome. Bobby was baptized and confirmed! Super cool! Here’s a pic. 

These are all the missionaries he went through... sister Seyboldt and I, sister Hendrick and I and then sister Hendrick and Sister Henderson. It was so awesome. I got to conduct the music and of course I’ve been getting over a cold so at the end of the closing song I like died coughing. But it was ok. Also my hair is getting sooooo long. Except just long to me because it’s been a while sense it’s been this long. Anyways... that was exciting...
This weekend we have the Cooks baptism. Julia (the mom) and Caity (the 12 yr old daughter). They already had their interview and everything! So we are super excited!
I got your package and I loved it! It was so cute! I tried those allergy meds and I couldn't really tell if they worked cause of my cold but from what I could tell it was awesome! Thanks! And I am working on getting a package together to send home to you guys for Christmas. I’ll probably try to get it in the mail real soon.
Well! That’s all folks! I will send more pictures of the baptism and other random pictures.
Thank you so much for the support you guys give me and all the love. I seriously feel your prayers! It’s awesome! Also send me ALL of the family photos you want because my sacrifice is done :) it’s the end of yet another transfer in the greatest mission in the world.
Keep smiling :) keep being awesome.

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