Sunday, December 27, 2015

CHRISTMAS! :) singing loud! spreading cheer!‏

Hello my sweet family! And Merry Christmas! Wow! I cannot believe that time has just flown and that Christmas is this Friday... It’s going to be weird but awesome to see your smiling faces! We are going to a member’s home to Skype and it doesn't matter which one you use... whichever one gets the better reception/connection... ha-ha! We will give her your # so that she can coordinate with you to get everything set up. I love you guys and hope that you like the package... I did get your package and I love the boots! (I hope it was ok that I open it... there were things wrapped and things not so I figured it was.) I also got a package from Dane and Beth and from Tutu :) so that was good.
Yes our mission is having a party all day tomorrow where we take pictures and then our zones have a temple session at different times and then we are having a dinner and then doing like a white Christmas video with all the pictures of the baptisms and then we do cinnamon rolls and hot coco and we do this balloon thing where we release a balloon for every convert of this year... which right now is roughly 471...! Our goal was 500! And we are going to reach it! I know it! So that will be awesome! We are super excited! Christmas eve we get to go caroling.
This week was awesome! Yesterday we got to sing a duet in one of our wards and it was called "Holy Child". Everyone said it was really good! And then last night we were able to have the Christmas concert/devotional. SO. MANY. PEOPLE. CAME. It was packed! they opened up the gym and then they opened up the stage, and then people were even standing on the sides... the spirit was so strong and there's no doubt in my mind that angels were with us. Music really brings the spirit and it can touch the hearts and lives of so many people.
On Saturday, we were able to go to a boutique and have a little stand there. (think of Stansbury days-with all the tents and things) that's what it was but miniature and we had Book of Mormon's out and we had a poster sign that said, "the book is blue, the church is true, Jesus loves you!" it was a lot of fun and the members who live there, brother and sister Reed, are just awesome and he told us a bunch of stories and it was just cool.
Other than that we had a super huge miracle where a woman referred herself... ask me about that on Christmas and I’ll tell you the story.
Maybe I should write down some questions.... that's a good idea... well...
I guess I’ll see you in a few days...merry CHRISTmas!   I LOVE YOU!

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