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December 28, 2015

Merry belated Christmas everyone and Happy New year to you! I loved all of the gifts and especially those tissues gma. Thanks- I needed them!
Skyping was so fun and it was so good to see all your faces and especially to hear your voices. What a treat!
You just made me sob in the Library cause of how Kate was crying... ugh... but it’s ok. I bet she is ok. It will just be a glorious reunion.
The rest of Christmas day was more relaxing than anything. Our dinner apt. cancelled because the wife broke her foot! :( darn it. And that was about it. We did an activity as a zone and watched part of Narnia!!! :) That was fun.
New Year’s is kind of like Christmas. We have to be in by 6 but we are doing a zone activity... we don't know what yet. But I hope you guys figure out your plans.
So yes Shannon, who referred herself is good. She has come to church 2 weeks in a row now and we are teaching her the plan of salvation tonight! Woo! She wants to be baptized and her 15 year old daughter does too! So that's awesome!
We are teaching a couple other people but mostly working with our recent converts now and also trying to set things up with potential investigators. But sometimes their level of commitment is ZERO. It’s annoying a bit.
Yes I got the letters. They were a sweet Christmas present. Also I forgot to tell you about the balloon lights thing... So for each baptism this year we had a balloon with a led light tied to it and we let them go that night in the dark while we were singing silent night... it was the most powerful spiritual experience from my mission I can’t believe I forgot to tell you but there were about 500 balloons (FIVE HUNDRED BAPTISMS!)  And it was the most magical, beautiful, heartwarming sight I had ever seen. Oh my gosh... I wish you could have been there.
But I am also excited to get back to normal missionary work.
There’s this missionary syndrome that happens when you can’t go out and work and it’s called "everyone-is-out-of-town-but-also-I-want-to-knock-all-the-doors-and-get-stuff-done" and no one ever answers because.. Holidays... so... it’s just hard. But it’s good to get back in the swing of things. We have some fun p-day shopping that we are going to do today. So that should be fun! Also have fun with my journals. I just filled up another little one and am staring a gratitude journal.
Anyways... You can do hard things. "Be not afraid, only Believe." -mark 5:36 The Lord has provided a way for us to escape Satan. He may have power to bruise our heel, but we have the power to crush his head. Never give up. Never give in. you keep trying. There is help and hope and happiness ahead. Of this I bear testimony In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love everyone. I miss you guys and love you! Have a happy new year and set some new year’s resolutions!  Maybe this scripture will help... Luke 2:52. Happy New Year! Sending my love!
Love- Sister Haymond

Here are some random pictures that we've gotten of Anna... Most of them were texted to us!
Skyping with Sister Haymond on Christmas Morning

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