Sunday, November 1, 2015

Crazy weekly email

Okay... So, there is obviously a lot going on this week with transfers and everything... and let me just tell you right off the bat that I AM BEING TRANSFERRED!  
So ya basically I am just sad as can be! I am leaving "the hood" zone and going into the unknown... This place has become my home and the people here have become like my family... I also think I am cursed to leave every area right before any baptisms. (Jennifer & Clint's and Bobby's...) But you know what? The Lord has bigger and better plans in store for me. I know that wherever I go, I will go where he needs me most. And Sister Hendrick is basically golden for this area. She will do an amazing job at leading it out and I keep teasing her that she is going to train! Ha-ha! (She doesn't enjoy that one) But there are about 20 new missionaries coming in and only 3 are sisters! Crazy!!!

Hmm... well what else happened this week... yesterday was stake conference with Elder Sitati and Elder Hansen from the 70's. They both spoke wonderfully on the power of counsels. Ward counsel, Family counsel, and Counseling with the Lord. (Alma 37:37) It was awesome. We also got a new stake presidency!!! And the new stake president and 2nd councilor are in our Pecan Creek 1st ward!! President Dan Oakes (Naomi Oakes' (the one with leukemia) dad.) and our old bishop Masitis who got released last week! Ha-ha! Anyways... that was our crazy stake conference...

Our dessert sacrifice is ending tomorrow... with cheesecake. So yall should be jealous! Just kidding don't be jealous because then you are breaking a commandment and I don't want you to do that. :)

Fun fact of the week! I have almost tracted out my whole area!!! Which means I have knocked on just about every door in all 3 of my wards. Boo. Yah. 98 doors from just this week. (That’s how not busy we are...) but we are finding a lot more families to teach which is good! I have a feeling that whichever sister is coming in that she will just rain down the miracles left and right! It’ll be awesome!  

Dad- I am glad you guys took pictures for the elder’s families. It is seriously the best thing in the world to hear your guys' response from the members that I love so dearly. I also know that you are doing fantastic in your calling. I know that you are solid. Keep being awesome. The Lord will provide for you. Just as he did for Alma in Alma 37:41. I think I also chose a scripture for my plaque if you end up doing them... Alma 5:33. I love how he just says so simply, "repent, and I will receive you."

Mom- it made me cry when you said that the kids love hanging out with the Elders because that is my favorite thing when kids want to hang out with us! Kids wave at us all of the time and it’s my FAVORITE!  All of our wards are doing a trunk or treat too this week and we are pretty excited about that! Mom, I know that as you learn to trust in the Lord and lean on him, he will support you. We can’t do everything on our own and that's okay. We should try our hardest, but in the end, the lord makes up the rest. I love Mosiah 4:27 and Alma 31:30-38 for that reason. I have learned to rely on the lord for my strength. It is a very humbling experience for sure and I hope I will be able to keep it with me my whole life... I love you mom. You can do hard things. Because of your prayers, I do find joy in the work. :) So thank you mom. I love you.

We also had FHA this week and all of us sisters in our house decided to match... we all wore black and white skirts and pink shirts because obviously it was a Wednesday so why not?!

 Well, I love you guys. You guys are awesome. I seriously feel the strength of your prayers. It means so much to me that you all support me and love me. I love you all more than words can describe. Find joy in the Journey and by the journey I mean the gospel because it is only in and through Christ and his doctrine that we find true happiness and joy. SMILE!

Brother and Sister Watts are preparing to go to the temple!

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