Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bishops Daughter?!!!?

Just kidding :) I knew the whole time! But I cannot believe it. The Lords timing is awesome timing. Cause we had a change in the bishopric in our ward as well! it was so cool to see the bishop that I have worked with for a couple months, who had been serving as bishop for SEVEN YEARS get released and as they called the new bishop, who was a counselor in the bishopric, to be the new bishop... it was definitely bittersweet to think that the same thing was happening at home. 
This week was a good week.
Not too much exciting stuff happening besides our District Leader, Elder Jason Alexander Blazer, dying. Not literally!!!! Just, going home. Which in mission terms is basically like dying. So ya we have transfers coming up in a week and a half which means we will get to end our sugar/dessert sacrifice. Which has been really hard but really rewarding.
We have 2 investigators in our 3 wards and they are both in the same ward and so we have sacrificed sugar to find more people to teach...
Well, this week, we received a call from a random stranger in California, about an investigator family moving in to one of the wards where the work is literally dead... Apparently she is super solid, like future RS president, solid! He is not as far along but he will get there now that he has work off on Sundays and can come! They've got 3 little kiddos and we are super excited to start teaching them!!! The Lord knows what we need when we need it. After much tribulation, cometh the blessings! We know that as we make sacrifices unto the lord, he will bless us and he does hear and answer our prayers!  
I have been pondering a lot on the scripture in Alma 37:41. This transfer was interesting. Before the transfer started, my faith was wavering. I didn't think I was doing enough for the area. I thought that I wasn't the one needed here. But as I studied and studied athe scriptures and earnestly prayed for and sought inspiration, even after receiving a priesthood blessing, I realized that I was here for a reason. That I was here to do that lords work. That just because I wasn't seeing the blessings/miracles didn't mean that they weren't still happening all around me. But I realized that just like in this scripture, I had forgotten to exercise my faith and be diligent. I was going through the motions. I was being lazy in my faith! But just like Lehi's family, I was reminded again and again to be diligent and faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord. To trust in him and his timing. To do his work in his way! Miracles are worked by small and simple things. The gospel is so simple! As we continually read our scriptures and pray daily and do the things we know we need to do, then the lord will bless us, guide, and direct us. 
I love this gospel! I love my savior! I know that he is watching over us! Keep being awesome! 
(That is my ponderizing scripture for this week btw.)

-Sister Anna Haymond
The Sisters with their mini-missionaries that they had for a few days.

Anna's workdesk.

Biggest Haboob yet!

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