Sunday, October 4, 2015

Has it really been 5 months?!!?

Hola mis amigos! 
Ha-ha! It’s good to have yet another P-day where I get to email you all! I seriously love your guts! 
So to answer a few of mom’s questions: 
Are we teaching anyone knew, yes and no. (Started teaching people again that have been taught in the past)
Yes I watched women’s conf. and it was AWESOME.
The sugar fast is going... just swell... I guess... it’s definitely not easy. Ha-ha!
I also am very excited about conference! Who isn’t?!?! And I will definitely be going with a lot of questions... ha-ha! 
Also, it is still like realllllyyyy hot. It cools down more at night than it did in the past so that’s nice but usually it doesn’t really start cooling down till after Halloween. (According to basically everybody we’ve talked to...which is a lot of people XD) 
Anyways... my week was awesome too! We have definitely seen a lot of miracles and a lot of tender mercies! We are hoping that our sacrifice will help us to be able to find that one person in our area who we know is prepared and ready to be baptized. So far, we have A LOT of potential. Dad, do you remember updating and contacting potentials from your area book?? That is what we are working on. We are also trying to contact the less active and part member families... there are a lot of them... 
Something that I thought was cool this week and maybe I told you already? I don’t know... But there is this less active family in our Creekside ward. They live in our same community in the meadow vistas and one night we came home a little too early and so we were like, what do we do?? and so we started biking around the meadow vistas to try and talk to people that were out... nobody was out... we passed the circle where this less active family lived and we both look at each other and we were like, we need to go see them. We both felt prompted to stop by. And we had stopped by before but not this late. (It was like 8:45) and so we knock. No answer. We knock again. We hear a little movement, but still no answer. So we knock a third time, and just as we were about to leave their porch, a car pulls up. Of course our bikes are in the driveway so it’s like this awkward, let’s hurry and move our bikes/car headlights are blaring at us and so we move down into the street and wait patiently for them to exit the vehicle... it takes them like 3 crazy insane long minutes to get out of the car. It’s the mom and her oldest son who I don’t think is baptized. Now let me rewind. This is the STAKE PRESIDENTs DAUGHTER AND HER FAMILY. they never talk to anyone or let anyone in and probably haven’t been to church in years and we got to strike up a conversation with her and we were just super bold and upfront with her and were like, hey we haven’t seen you at church and so we wanted to stop by and get to know you guys and she was totally cool!!! I really hope we get to go back because I seriously think there is a lot of potential!!!! Anyways... that was just super cool that the lord knows where we need to be :)
We also had dinner with the sweetest old lady who is one of our bishop’s mom. Apparently, her other son in Kansas, who is also a bishop, was Sister Hendricks bishop when she lived there and she had just never made the connection!!! So that was awesome!!!
Investigator update: 1 new investigator in 8 weeks... Linda! She is a former investigator that we picked back up and I think there is a lot of potential for her!
Bobby: still going strong! Hopefully he will at least be baptized by the end of this year if not by the end of this month... 
Brian Collins: we have dinner scheduled with their family on conf weekend. So that will be good!
Louise: she doesn’t want to progress :( she is solid in her faith.
Morales family: no progression from Rafael and Martha still has a desire to be baptized... she just still cannot get work off on Sundays... :(
Well, that’s all folks! Sorry it’s such a long email!!! But I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!!!

-- xoxoxoxoxo

-Sista Anna Haymond    
P-day, library selfie

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  1. Hi Anna, Never done a blog comment so hoe this works. Thinking about you every day and praying for your happiness. Love Grandma L