Sunday, November 8, 2015

Transfers, Halloween, New Comp, and much, much more!

Hello Family and Friends! And Happy late Halloween! :) I hope everyone had a blast and was safe!
I have no idea what to tell you first so I will go in chronological order...

Wednesday-Transfer day.
     -- So, here is the big news... On Tuesday night, both Sister Hendrick and I got a call from our mission president, President Nattress. Which means we were both training. Sister Hendrick is training a brand new missionary (Sister Henderson) and I am 2nd half training Sister Rebecca Condie!!!! (WHO WAS ONE OF AUNTIE BAILEY’S YW IN SAN ANTONIO!!!)  Connections!!!!   
Anyways... Let me tell you about my sweet companion... She is from the air force, (her dad is in the air force...) so she has basically lived in 1 in 3 states and was born in Germany. She also lived in France and England. HOW COOL?! She is the 2nd youngest of 5. Sister Condie is also going to BYUI and wants to major in humanities, pre-law.  Fancy. Ok hand sign  She is a very talented singer and she crochets on her free time. She tried to teach me and I did like 1 maybe 2 stitches and gave up... ^_^ he he... She also had her 20th birthday on Halloween and so that morning I made her her favorite breakfast and then proceeded to make 20 sticky-notes that all said happy birthday and put them in random places around the house. She liked it :) We get along really well and I learn so much from her every day! I hope the next 6 weeks (or more!) are fabulous! (Our comp. sacrifice is to not listen to music in the car or in our home unless its hymns...)

 #4thcompanion #3rdarea #6monthsalready??? #longhairdontcare ... actually I really need a haircut.
My new area!!
     -- My new area is really just a hop, skip, and a jump over from my old one. In fact I live in the boundaries of my old area... awkward right? And I am now serving in the Queen Creek Zone, Queen Creek Stake. I cover 3 family wards- Terra Ranch, Cloud Creek and Creekside. (Not the Creekside I was in previously...) and the YSA ward in these 3 wards is the Valencia ward which I was over in my first transfer with sister Stastny! CRAZY! ... I just want to sing, it’s a small world after all! All of the days... I love my wards though. They are a bit bigger, so we have more miles on our car because we live far far away from our area and we bike sometimes but not right now cause sister Condies arm is not doing so good. She overextended it a couple weeks ago and was in a sling for a while. So it has been fun. We have a few OAY (over-age youth) investigators, one of which is going to be baptized this month!  So that is really exciting! His name is Owen :) he is autistic and is terrified of water... please pray for him! :) Other than that, this area has so much potential! I am so excited to be in this area and to be here with sister Condie! She’s awesome!

     -- Halloween was so much fun! we did our normal morning schedule, and then we did weekly planning at the church building, and then we were just in the church building all day till about 3:45 when we left to go to the temple! We got to do work for the dead on the day of the dead! We did Initiatories, an Endowment session, and here is the thing I love the most... We got to go do sealings of children to parents! Which means I almost cried like a baby thinking about how I was sealed to my wonderful parents in the house of the Lord and I absolutely loved the spirit! It was so strong in that room and I am so grateful that the gospel has been restored to the earth as well as that sealing power because I know how real it is and I know that families can be together forever. I know that one day I will be able to be sealed to my husband and that it is so important that our children are born in the covenant. But also that the way in which children may be sealed to their parents in the house of the Lord is divine and inspired. That they will be able to partake of those full blessings just the same as children born in the covenant. I am so glad to have had this experience and to have been able to have experienced it. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!

So that is about it for this week! I am so glad that everyone at home is doing well, and congrats to the kids for finishing off their soccer seasons strong! I miss watching you guys play and I miss watching Kate be a beautiful ballerina! I love you guys for forever and always!!! (Also, mom, it made me super-duper happy that you said to keep being awesome! :) 
don’t forget to

-Sister Anna Haymond
Ponderize for this week is Alma 5: 33 "Behold, he sendeth an invitation to all men, for the arms of mercy are extended towards them, and he saith: Repent, and I will receive you."

Sister Olsen and I at our 6 month mark! CRAZY TOWN!!!



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