Sunday, November 15, 2015

Follow the Prophet


We heard about the new handbook change and thankfully it was a member and not some random Anti-Mormon on the street. I think it makes a lot of sense and I have definitely been thinking about how the Lord really is moving the work along through modern day revelation to the prophet. Which is awesome!!! I too love our prophet. We had a huge regional conference this Saturday and got to hear from Sister Reeves and Dallin H Oaks. It was just what we needed to hear and what the ward members needed to get them excited about the work.
That Family History pie night sounds awesome and I would love it if you would send me a name that I could take to the temple.

That would be awesome if you sent me those pictures and stuff! I would love that. Also I came up with a rough wish list for Christmas... Rechargeable AA batteries for my camera, a flash drive(for media), pictures of you guys in a small photo album, maybe a journal from deseret book, dresses? Maybe... and that's about it. The members spoil us here so... yep. Doing pretty good :)

Anyways... This week was awesome! We saw a lot of miracles and had a lot of lessons with active members. Sister Condie and I get along wonderfully! We have a lot of common interests and she is a solid missionary. She is here to work and she loves the lord. Sorry this week was also really boring a little bit. We haven't been able to bike because of sister Condie’s hurt arm but hopefully after Tuesday the physical therapist will clear her to ride! We did take a lot of pictures though to so be excited about that! Ha-ha! I am also putting together a Christmas package. What would be some cute little trinket gifts I could get for the kids??  I am sending some stuff that is basically my heart and soul. So be excited about that :)

Sorry this week is not very long. All of our investigators are doing just swell! Owen is still good for baptism and Riley got permission from her mom and we are putting someone else on date this week as well so that will be awesome!

Anyways... I love you mom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Keep being awesome
:) keep smiling (:
LOVE love Love you!!!!!
-Sister Haymond
Ponderize! This week is Moroni 10:32 Come unto Christ! :)  

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