Sunday, November 22, 2015

Miracles, Miracles Everywhere!

Hello Family, Friends, and everyone that I love!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am going to apologize now, I do not have my camera cord to send pictures but thankfully some of the same pictures are on my comps camera so I’ll send those... :) But I have been taking more pictures! So this week was awesome... Let me start from last Monday and work my way up to this morning...

Monday: I got my hair trimmed! Sister Foster was kind enough to do it for free so that was a huge blessing! :) and we also thought we would have to go get new tires cause we were losing air, turns out it was just the weather. It’s starting to get "cold" down here and so they were just adjusting.

Tuesday: we tried to contact A LOT of people. You know, people on "the lists" (Part member families, over age youth, less actives, etc.) and we knocked on like 15 doors... and talked to 2 people... But one of those 2 people was a very inactive member, who we accidentally knocked into looking for another less active member... it was a miracle we found her. She let us right in and was super sweet. Her daughter had taken the missionary lessons and was not interested in being baptized but the person who baptized the mom and blessed all her kids’ lives in the ward!!! So hopefully we can get her back!

Wednesday: We were back on the bikes again! We haven't biked in almost 3 weeks! And so that was so so awesome! But... Sister Condie got a kind of flat tire... so we were in the area near a potentials house and decided we would try to stop by and see if they had a pump. They did! And they finally accepted a Book Of Mormon! (Just for historical purposes...) but ya know what, the spirit can work with that! Hopefully we will start teaching him and his family soon. :) That night we had a huge miracle... in prep for Owens baptism, we had to teach a lot of stuff jam packed into one lesson... so this is an autistic 10 year old and we are trying to keep his focus as much as possible, but we did it. We finished and he hopefully retained some of it... but next week he has his baptism interview and then we get baptized later that week so we are really excited! It will be my first convert baptism while I am in the area still :)

Thursday: not much happened. I got a flat bike tire again on Wednesday night and so we weren't biking. That was a bummer. But not much happened that day either. I think we knocked something like 20 doors...

Friday: Friday morning was interesting. we had service for a sweet Thai sister in our area and she is less active member only because she is home bound taking care of her elderly mother... and so we helped her out with her animals... something like 20 llamas, 30 alpacas and 10 miniature horses... and 6 emus and ducks and geese and lots and lots and LOTS of dogs.... she may or may not be an animal hoarder... but we helped her scoop poop and heard them into a different pasture so that was fun... I got to be a sheep dog. :) She has a few baby alpacas and we got to hold them :) super cute. Then we did weekly planning and Elder Evans was able to help me fix my chains/gears on my bike from when I fixed the tube... :)

Saturday: was awesome. We got trained by Elder Foster of the 70 who came down to do a mission tour. We were trained on how to work with members and how to make the work progress from where the missionaries do all the work, to where the members help the missionaries, to where the missionaries help the members. Really the members are to be doing all the work. We are just set apart to teach. If the members find us people to teach, we will teach them. We really on you guys for referrals and basically everything else. We are here to help you help yourselves and let you guys know that you can do it. That missionary work is not just for the "part time-full time missionaries". But you guys are the full time full time missionaries.

Later that day, I needed air in my bike tire as we were biking around contacting people, and so we thought we would stop by a less active family.  Their boys were outside and so we stopped to talk to them and ask them for a pump and they kindly did it for me... and then we asked if we could share a message. Turns out their 2 non-member friends were there also and so we are just sharing this message and they both accepted copies of the BOM. While we were praying with them in their driveway, this little friend of theirs, this little like 7 yr. old black kid just starts yelling at us and I don't ever remember what he was saying because I was trying so hard not to laugh! Something about Mormons and us being a cult and not believing in God and it kind of made me a little sad also... but mostly funny.

Sunday: The greatest miracle of all. The Lord has blessed us with a part member family, a mother and 2 daughters that want to be baptized. The dad is a less active member, but hopefully this will get him reactivated! We start teaching them on Tuesday even though they have had all the lessons :) so that was sweet!!!!! We are so excited. We know that as we put forth our best effort to work hard, the lord blesses us. Sister Condie and I are working so hard to get this area moving and we are sacrificing so much to be able to see success in this area... and it is raining down blessings. Literal rain as well though :) so that's awesome.

Today (Monday): We had breakfast at the Armstrong's, they cook for our whole zone every Monday morning :) and we had Scottish eggs... I don't know if any of you have ever had them... but just thinking about it clogs your arteries... and I had 3. basically it is a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, rolled in eggs and bread crumbs and then deep fried and then baked... mmmm... can you smell it? It’s wonderful!

Anywho... I am super excited to get my package today! Thank you mom so much for going through so much hard work to get it put together!!! I just love all that you guys do for me! You are wonderful and awesome! So keep being awesome!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Always :)
-Sister Anna Haymond 

Sister Haymond at the mail box

Sister Condie and Sister Haymond at a member's house for dinner

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