Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baptisms, Transfers, and Investigators

Hey everyone! What a crazy week. The anticipation for transfers was crazy. So I’ll just cut to the chase, Sister Rasmusen is being transferred! :( I am super sad but I think we both saw it coming. So I will have a new companion! What the heck! That means that for most of my mission, I will only have had a companion for the longest of 2 transfers! ... I don't know if that means I am a bad companion or I am just too good ;) ha-ha! 
But the way transfer calls came in was we had all gone to bed...and it was ELEVEN THIRTY and they called our phone and because we all sleep in the same room and I am on one of the bottom bunks, so I had to answer it and I was SOOOO out of it, the sisters had to yell at me to wake me up to answer it and when I did, I was just like "Hello?"
ZL Elder Brewer said: "Hey did we wake you up? ...  Hello?  ... Are you all there?"
(I guess I wasn't responding... I don't know I was in between sleep and awake...)
"Yes we are all here"
"Transfer calls are in... Elders Bright, Hurst, Brewer, and Sisters Rasmusen and Drummond"
(I was shocked and it didn’t really settle in...)So I asked "say that again?"
He repeated and I then said "ok thanks bye." 
So yep. Moral of the story, missionaries are not supposed to be on the phone after 10:30pm because it will be dumb.
Kate was BAPTIZED!!! I am so proud of her and I love her so much! I know that the atonement can make us feel skinny! It makes so much sense! Kate, you are amazing and I love you and miss you! Keep smiling and keep being awesome! 
This week we were able to receive 2 more new investigators! One of the new gators we picked up was a member referral, her name is Kelly and she is the mother of 2 teenagers. She has read the entire Book of Mormon, and "Our Search for Happiness" and is working on another book. She grew up Polish Catholic and is really searching for happiness and peace in life and said that she would be baptized if she got an answer to her prayers that this is the true church and that the Book of Mormon is true! So we are super excited about that!  
Our other gator is Camille, she is married to a LA member, Jason. They recently started doing FHE and reading Gordon B. Hinckley’s book "stand a little taller" every day. So they had us over for dinner last Monday and we taught the Restoration, she said that she believes that Joseph Smith could have seen the First Vision and was most definitely feeling the spirit. So that’s cool! 
Another we are working with but she is not technically an investigator yet, is Anna, Scott Wixom’s girlfriend. She is super sweet and will come to church with him and will let us share spiritual thoughts with them... so hopefully she and her son will be baptized and they will be an eternal family! :) 
Anyways... I am super excited to tell you everything that happens with transfers and the boundary changes! Love you all! 

-Sister Anna Haymond

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