Sunday, February 21, 2016

Paul and Roxanne Travis: Coolest Converts Award‏

Hey Familia! 

How is everyone doing? Sounds like yall are pretty busy... Sorry to hear about all of the crazy things going on and things breaking and stuff... that’s no fun. But Happy Valentine’s Day! Sister Rasmusen and I had a good day of church from 8am-5pm and then we had a STEAK dinner. mmm. It was so good. We also had brownies with ice cream afterwards. It was awesome. 

This week we had a bunch of miracles. So I’ll start at the beginning... 
Tuesday: we met with our new investigator Shirley Petersen in the Gateway Gardens ward. We got her a priesthood blessing and she loved it and definitely felt the spirit.  Then we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and we read Alma 7:11-13 with her which talks about the atonement, and she continued to read silently to herself vs 14 and was like, look at this, I need to do this, I need to be born again, like, that caught my attention... and we were all, WHAT?? Yes! Yes you do! Will you be baptized as you come to know these things are true and she said yes! So that was awesome! 

Then on Thursday, we got to go to the temple and that is always amazing. I love the temple. This time is was a new video that I had never seen before so that was cool. Satan was really ... real... and quite scary. That’s always how I’ve imagined him is handsome and of course devilish but like... seductive and ... ya just no bueno. so later that day, we were out trying to contact Eric Petersen who sent you our Costco selfie and he wasn’t home and so we were biking through a park/field and saw these 2 big guys walking so we went to go talk with them... turns out that they were cousins that had just met at their work a couple years ago, and one was active in the church and the other was not and had been through a divorce and had served a mission and everything... and we didn’t have his records in our ward ... so here’s how this convo went: 

Tim: (the active one) you should give them your info.
Scott: (the inactive) ...........noooo........ 
Us: yes :) :) 
Scott: (eyeing us) if you were elders, I would be so rude to you right now...... 
Us and Tim: *laughing* come on! 
Tim: you know you need to start going back to church...
Scott: (eyes Tim)... I know....... Scott Wixom... *gives address* *gives birthdate*
Tim: (to us) do you want his phone number too?? Here’s his phone number! *gives phone #*
Us: can we share a spiritual message? 
Them: sure
Sister Ras: *shares Moroni 7:33*
Scott: *crying*
Me: *bears testimony that this was not a coincidence that we ran into them and proceeds to tell Scott that he is so loved and that God loves him*
Scott: *Still crying* thank you.... thank you sisters...
Tim: they are your angels... 

So that was the best thing to ever happen. He was out of town this weekend so he didn’t come to church with us but he plans on coming back and I think Paul would be the best fellowship for him. He would be able to strengthen him a lot. 

 Saturday: Paul and Roxanne were baptized. It was the coolest baptism ever. Sister Young (who used to be in the area) and I sang "Lord, I would Follow Thee". and after everything but before closing song and prayer, Paul and Roxanne were invited to go up and bear their testimony and share their story and it was the most beautiful conversion story. Our District Leader Elder Spencer came up to us afterwards, and said that they had stronger testimonies than probably 50% of the church. Ha-ha! So if that’s not saying something.... anyways. I love them. They took us to Texas Roadhouse and it was soooo yummmyyyy.... 

Well, that brings you up to speed... I have a box of things I need to send home but I need just a few dollars in my account  to send it... and just out of curiosity, is anyone reading my journals? Ha-ha

Love you guys more than I can express! Be good! Do good! Choose the right! 

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