Saturday, February 13, 2016

3 baptisms in 3 weeks

This week was awesome. I had an awesome p-day and today was so fun. We went down to Schnepf farms, look it up, with another zone and they have a little roller coaster and petting zoo and food... and it’s all free for missionaries:) so it’s awesome. We had a lot of fun and now I smell like goats XD yay! But yes I did get my package and it was so cheesy and so cute. I loved it! I can’t believe you fit all that in it! 

Please don’t worry about me. My worry level is zero now! After I got a blessing, it calmed me and I was at peace. I know you guys are okay and I know that I am doing more for you being out here than I could do if I were there. I love you mom. 

And seriously my comp is great. We have so much fun together and we work really well together. She is so cool. And the weather has been AWESOME. It’s chilly in the morning and evening but during the day the sun is shining and it’s nice and warm. I have plenty of warm clothes. 

That's crazy that you will have 4 wards in one building... is it all wards from the stake? I cannot believe how much it is growing! Which reminds me, is the maverick done? What about the houses on the other side of that one road whose name I have forgotten but it goes up into Erda and it has a side of the high school on it??? I totally don’t know what road that is... wow... sad... 

YOU GUYS FINISHED ALMA!!!! Yay!!! I am in 3 Nephi right now... I love it. I just came across one of my favorite scriptures... 3 Ne. 5:13 "Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." it’s so powerful.

Daddy daughter dance for Kate sounds super fun and the pictures were super cute!! And I totally thought you meant that Tyler had a birthday and I didn't even register that it wasn't May yet... ha-ha awkward... That stinks that the flu is going around. Everyone here has been getting a cold... Then there's me and I just have allergies... I sneezed so many times this morning... that allergy medicine only works some of the time... :/ 

Also, GO BRONCOS!!! We were out walking around our area last night trying to contact some people and EVERYONE WAS FREAKING OUT. Seriously. We could hear them in their homes and like, no one answered the door...: P Luck! We never get breakfast for dinner!!!! It’s always Mexican food... 

Anyways... My week was good. Just a normal week except that I had a baptism from my old area! Emily Baker was baptized and confirmed on the 6th of Feb. She was so excited and you could just see the change in her countenance. It was awesome. And then next Saturday is Paul and Roxanne's baptism and the week after that is Kinzee and Shannon's from my last area. Yay!!! That will be 12 convert baptisms so far on my mission. I feel so blessed to be the Lords servant and to be doing HIS work. It’s not missionary work, it’s the Lords work. And I am a laborer in his vineyard. These are the last days. I know that this gospel is true! The Book of Mormon is the word of God. 

I love you! 
Sister Selfie 

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