Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sept 7th: Hello from the Gallup's house!

Hola Mi Familia! 
Como Estas??
(I’ve been working on my Spanish! ;)

It sounds like it has been a crazy week! This week was really crazy for us too!

Okay :) my week was good we had a lot of funny moments and also a lot of stressful ones. but the good outweighs the bad so it all works out :) so basically everybody and their dog feeds us Mexican food and potatoes down here and most of you knew, but before my mission, I didn’t care for those things... well, I kid you not, but I actually love Mexican food now. Spicy is still off limits but I can actually eat potatoes without my gag reflux going off! XD ha-ha it’s awesome. They aren’t so bad ;) 
Anyways... a couple funny stories for you...: 

Numero Uno: last Monday, we were digging through one of our closets to find treasures. We found window stickers and magnets. All of them were heart and like teddy bears and stuff. So, because the zone leaders pranked our car, we decided to prank them and make it look like other elders did it. So we did a super-fast, drive by, one side of the car prank so they wouldn’t see it and they still think it is our district leader Elder Balzer!!! But we swore to tell no one... so shhh.  Ha-ha!

2: we had the best door approach ever! On Tuesday, we were at dinner in the pastures (farm land) and it was super good. (Taco salad) and then afterwards we decided to bike down the street the way we wouldn’t normally go to the church, and I remembered that their neighbors (nonmembers) had those huge turtles out in their yard and so we decided that we would umm knock and ask if we could take pictures of them, so it wasn’t creepy, ya know? And so they people were really cool about it and we even got to go in and pet them and see the tinny little babies! and I really wish I could send you pictures but I don’t want to mess up the Gallup’s computer... the library is closed so we are using our ward mission leaders computer :) but it was basically the best door approach ever and basically that is what they think of missionaries now...solid.

Funny moment #3: we were in a bike wreck. Let me explain. For one, it was not on a busy road and no one was around really. So now that we got that out of the way... umm we were planning to go to Rogers, the old man’s house. and apparently sister Hendrik knew the way better than I did because I thought we had to turn when later I realized that we had to go straight so I am on her left side, trying to turn right, and so we bump into each other a bit, just enough to the point where we couldn’t rebound and then our bikes meshed into one and we just kind of skidded across the street... no broken bones. No real bruises or scrapes, just pretty shaken up. then the funny part is that once we got ourselves out and situated, I had lost a shoe and we were all over the place... but we realized that our bikes were stuck together... my pedal was stuck in her spokes and we could not get it out of the life of us. then this nice woman pulled over, asked if we were okay, and she tried to help us for a bit, but she had kids in the car and was in a hurry so we sent her off and then we called the ZL's and I am just sitting on the curb waiting for a miracle... when this guy drives by, and I wave at him (cause I just wave at everybody) and he u turns and comes to help us! Turns out he was a relator and was super nice but the crazy part was that he basically looks at our bikes, touches mine to pick it up, and the bikes MAGICALLY UNTANGLE THEMSELVES. What the heck?? Right?? so that was super awesome and we thanked him a lot and then we saw him later and he was wanting to know if we were okay and everything so ... that was awesome... we never went to see roger... ha-ha :) 

Now I also did see a bunch of miracles, but for the sake of time, (the Gallup’s have to leave soon) I will just bear you my testimony that I know that my savior and redeemer lives and that he loves me and that he loves you and all of us perfectly. Charity is the PURE love of Christ. And it endureth forever. Pure is also comparable to perfect. I love Moroni 7:47 and its one that I share with a lot of people. As a zone we are striving to develop charity and to pray for charity. Like in the verse after that. So I challenge all of you to pray for charity in your personal prayers and to pray to be filled with that love. It is amazing. I can promise you that if you pray for this charity and have a pure heart and real intentions, you will be filled with that love and it will change you and your attitude towards others. It’s an amazing blessings denied too many simple because they don’t think to ask for it. So will you guys do that? Will you pray to be filled with charity? I love you all! And I love you so much! But not as much as he loves you! I cannot even fathom that much love! You guys are amazing and are doing awesome things! Keep it up! Keep smiling, be believing! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Sister Anna Haymond    

Some weeks we don't get any pictures sent to us from the members of the ward, but this week we got quite a few!  I'm so grateful to the members who take the time to send us text messages with pictures!

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