Sunday, September 20, 2015

Aug 31st: Interviews and Blessings

Hello my dear sweet family! 
How is everyone doing? It sounded like stake conference was awesome! I don’t know when we have ours but I am really looking forward to general conference in about a month and a half... That will be cool! That is such a bummer about Josh! I totally knew him and I cannot believe that he might not be able to walk! :( But I know that the lord has a plan... and some people can handle those big challenges better than some of us other people. I am for sure going to be praying for him! So you guys asked for more pictures of the people we are teaching... one of them is Torrence and we got a picture with him this Sunday because he finally was found worthy to receive the Aaronic priesthood!!!!!
My week was good. Just a normal week in the life of a missionary... except it actually rained and I was out playing in it... just because it was awesome. Then it rained last night too and that was awesome! Oh my goodness... but it has been very hot and it doesn’t cool down until end of October... so pray for us that we may be able to acclimate to it! Ha-ha! 
Well, I think the only thing noteworthy from this week was interviews and that we had a choir performance (the annual one) and also we taught part of a seminary class so that was really fun! 
But interviews was really good! I think I really needed it. I was starting to feel burdened down and stressed, and President Nattress reminded me that I was of worth and that I was here for a reason and that I was pure. It meant a lot to me. I love our mission president! He is definitely inspired and I know he was called here for me and for all the other missionaries here.
We were challenged by our DL (District leader) to read our Patriarchal Blessing every morning in studies for the next week and it was an amazing experience. The more I read it the more I understand and learn. The more that I am able to receive revelation for myself.  If I (we) am (are) faithful then we will receive of the blessings that he has promised us. It’s pretty cool.
You know you are a missionary in the Arizona Gilbert mission when... you worry about members driving you out of the mission boundaries because it’s so small...
Also I have a scripture for the week, which I hope you guys are still reading ever day! But it’s in the BOM in Alma 5:7 -- Let him change your hearts! 
Pictures of Beautiful Arizona!

Much love! Hugs and Kisses!!!! --Sister Anna Haymond!    

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